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2086317628E W GoldingThe generation of electricity by windpower1955B/24.6Goldin
2086417629Thomas HartRope driving or the transmission of power by ropesB/24.6Hart,
2086517606Dermot McGuiganSmall scale water power1978B/24.3McGuig
2086617626Brian HomeWhere the wind blows : an introduction to wind power1994E/34Home,
2086717625Jack ParkThe wind power book1981E/34Park,
2086918004J C McVeighSun power : an introduction to the applications of solar energy1977E/34McVeig
2087117632Dorothy HartleyWater in England1964E/32.2Hartle
2087417631Paul WilsonWater turbines1974B/24.6Wilson
2087617603Nigel Nixon and Josselin HillWater power1987B/24.6Nixon,
2088417987David DicksonAlternative technology and the politics of technical change1974E/34Dickso
2088517988Nigel DudleyEnergy1981E/34Dudley
2088617989A R UbbelohdeMan and energy1963E/34Ubbelo
2088717623Heinz KurthWind power1978E/34Kurth,
2088817607Francis Haveron"The Brilliant Ray" or "How the Electric Light was brought to Godalming in 1881"1981E/32.1Havero
2088917609Dermot McGuiganSmall scale wind power1978E/34McGuig
2089117627Palmer Cosslett PutnamPower from the wind1948B/24.6Putnam
2089217993Paul McCloryFocus on alternative energy1985E/34McClor
2089317999Mark LambertFuture sources of energy1986E/34Lamber
2089418002Ronald Alves and Charles MilliganLiving with energy1978E/34Alves,
2089518001edited by Lloyd LindoPower and energy1984E/34Lindo,
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