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16552780Lyn ArmstrongWoodcolliers and charcoal burning1978E/33.18Armstr
16561529F H ArnoldHistory & antiquities of Petworth1864E/15Sussex
16571547F H ArnoldFlora of Sussex : plants and ferns in Sussex1907E/07.1Arnold
16587568R ArnoldA yeoman of Kent1949E/17.9Arnold
16596819H AronsonOur village homes : present conditions & remedies1913B/01.6Aronso
16605364E Arthur, D WitneyThe barn1972B/23Arthur
16617098J R B ArthurMaison Dieu, Arundel : medieval endeavour in Sussex1989B/25.3Arthur
16625184Arts CouncilEnglish romanesque art 1066-1200 : glossary1984E/76Arts C
16635187M K AshbyJoseph Ashby of Tysoe 1859-19191961E/51Ashby,
16643508John AshurstMortars, plasters and renders in conservation1983B/10.6Ashurs
16664051J AshurstCleaning stone and brick1977B/10.4Ashurs
16675128John Ashurst and Francis G DimesStone in building : its use and potential today1984B/04.4Ashurs
16685595John Ashurst, Nicola MalnicHBMCE/RTAS Technical Note 38 : Repair and replacement of daub1985B/10.6Ashurs
16695597J Ashurst and N MalnicHBMCE/RTAS Technical Note 24 : earth walling : the repair and maintenance of cob, chalk mud, pise and clay lump1985B/10.5Ashurs
16705596John Ashurst, Nicola MalnicHBMCE/RTAS Technical Report 6 : the Examination and analysis of daub1985B/04.5Ashurs
16716664John Ashurst Nicola AshurstPractical building conservation : English Heritage technical handbook Volume1 : stone masonry1988B/10.4Ashurs
16746665John Ashurst Nicola AshurstPractical building conservation : English Heritage technical handbook Volume 2 : brick, terracotta and earth1988B/10.3Ashurs
16764765Ashurst PCCNotes on the church of St.JamesB/26Ashurs
16775308Clive Aslet and Gavin StampMonkton : a vanishing Surrealist dream1986B/22Sussex
16787326C AspinThe cotton industry1981E/33.52Aspin,
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