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19515Ref - 15333John WarrenConservation structure in historic buildings / Journal of Architectural Conservation, No. 2 Vol. 102004B/09
19516Ref - 15334Robert J Watt and Martin Weaver'Merlin and the Mason' : balancing new technology and tradition / Journal of Architectural Conservation, No. 1 Vol. 102004B/10.4
19517Ref - 15334Sonja Allback and Bertil FredlundWindowcraft : Part one / Journal of Architectural Conservation, No.1 Vol. 102004B/10.1
19518Ref - 15394Richard BritnellFields, farms and sun-division in a moorland region, 1100-1400 / The Agricultural History Review, 52 Part I2004E/17.1
19519Ref - 15337Michael Page and Isabel SullivanSurrey History Centre accessions of records and cataloguing projects in 2002 / Surrey History, VI No.52003E/63
19520Ref - 15350Barry JonesHamlet to farmstead : Kersham Farm, Cutcombe, Somerset / Journal of the Historic Farm Buildings Group, 172003B/23
19521Ref - 15350Susanna Wade Martins, Adam Menuge and Anne StorerThe Strutt Farms of the Derwent Valley, Derbyshire / Journal of the Historic Farm Buildings Group, 172003B/23
19522Ref - 9763Ron MartinSheffield Park Garden : The Hydraulic Works, Stone Bridge and Sluice / Sussex Industrial History, Issue 271997E/32.2
19523Ref - 9763Brian AustenBrighton's Tunbridge Ware industry / Sussex Industrial History, 271997E/37
19524Ref - 9763Paul SowanBrighton's place in the development of the "Tunnelling-and-Shoot Hole" system for making railway cuttings / Sussex Industrial History, 271997E/35.4
19525Ref - 9763Lawrence StevensMills of the Eastbourne Borough Council area / Sussex Industrial History, 271997B/24.2
19526Ref - 9763Ron MartinSome Sussex lime kilns / Sussex Industrial History, 271997B/04.6
19527Ref - 9762Geoff MeadThe Sea House, Brighton / Sussex Industrial History, 261996B/25.1
19528Ref - 9762Peter Longstaff-TyrellBishopstone tide mills / Sussex Industrial History, 261996B/24.2
19529Ref - 9762Don CoxGypsum extraction at Mountfield / Sussex Industrial History, 261996B/04.6
19530Ref - 9762Ron MartinUckfield Union workhouse / Sussex Industrial History, 261996E/27.4
19531Ref - 9762Ron MartinBread oven at Brighton / Sussex Industrial History, 261996E/37
19532Ref - 9762Don CoxMedieval water mills / Sussex Industrial History, 261996B/24.2
19533Ref - 9764Joy and Chris FordFrank William Gregory 1917-1988 / Sussex Industrial History, 281998E/51
19534Ref - 9763Keith Leicester and Ron MartinBrighton station : an architectural and historical appraisal / Sussex Industrial History, 281997E/37
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