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1922415242Stuart PeacheyFruit variety register 1580-1660 Volume 2 : nectarins-walnuts1995E/17.4Peache
1922515243Stuart PeacheyBakers 1580-16601998E/37.5Peache
1922615244Stuart PeacheyCottage garden plants 1580-1660 Volume 2 : culinary and aromatic1996E/17.46Peache
1922715245Stuart PeacheyCottage garden plants 1580-1660 - Volume 1 : culinary plants1996E/17.46Peache
1922815246Stuart PeacheyThe book of boiled meats. Volume 4 : poultry and wildfowl2000E/72.5Peache
1922915247Stuart PeacheyThe book of "puddings" 1580-16601998E/72.5Peache
1923015248edited by Stuart PeacheyMiscellaneous recipes Volume 11992E/72.5Peache
1923115249Stuart PeacheyThe book of pies 1580-1660 Volume 2 : fish, dairy, eggs, fruit and vegetable pies. Tarts and florentines1995E/72.5Peache
1923215250Stuart PeacheyThe book of comfit making 1580-16601997E/72.5Peache
1923315251Stuart PeacheySecular festivities and feasts of the common man 1550-16601995E/71.2Peache
1923415252Stuart PeacheyFood and drink in Shakespear's England2002E/72.5Peache
1923515253Stuart PeacheyFeast and banquet menus1992E/72.5Peache
1923615254Stuart Peachey, Robert Morris and Turloch McSweenFarmhouse Christmas fare 1580-16601993E/72.5Peache
1923715280Hugh PetrieMedical practice 1580-1650 Volume 1 : the physician's books opened1995E/73Petrie
1923815279Hugh PetrieThe surgeon's box opened1995E/73Petrie
1923915278Hugh PetrieMedicine 600-15002002E/73Petrie
19240Ref - 14189John BlackwellSussex main lines : a year 2002 survey : Worthing to Ford / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, No. 1152002E/35.6
1924115277Hugh PetrieThe still room opened (being the apothicary's shop opened Volume II)1998E/73Peache
1924215121I F GrantHighland Folk Ways1961E/17.1Grant,
1924315276Turloch Mc SweenEarly 17th century vegetable uses1992E/72.5McSwee
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