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1472Ref - 5880Morgan W PhillipsBrief notes on the subjects of analyzing paints and mortars and the recording of moulding profiles / APT Bulletin : The Association for Preservation Technology, X No21978B/10.0
1481Ref - 5050P K Baillie ReynoldsBayham Abbey / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1487Ref - 5053S E RigoldTimber-framed buildings in Kent / The Archaeological Journal, 1261970B/05.2
1497Ref - 5050E Clive RouseClayton : church of St. John the Baptist / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1498Ref - 5560P RoutledgeRecording techniques 3 : archives and farm building studies / Historic Farm Buildings Group Newsletter, N41987B/23
1502Ref - 5050L F SalzmanLewes Castle / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/27
1503Ref - 5050L F SalzmanSussex in the middle ages / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961E/15
1510Ref - 1250John SchofieldHomemade conservation / Housing Outlook, Two1976/7B/09.0
1511Ref - 5880Gary ScottHistoric concrete preservation problems at Fort Washington, Maryland / APT Bulletin : The Association for Preservation Technology, X No21978B/10.0
1515Ref - 5050R S SimmsEtchingham : church of St. Mary and St. Nicholas / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1516Ref - 6908Harry Gordon SladeRothiemay : an 18th century kiln barn / Vernacular Newsletter, 41978B/23.2
1518Ref - 5050J T SmithThe Borough of Winchelsea / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961E/15
1519Ref - 1250Fiona and Peter Somerset FryTo the rescue to save a village [Swindon] / Housing Outlook, Two1976/7B/09
1520Ref - 5050F W SteerArundel : the Fitzalan Chapel / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1530Ref - 6908Bruce WalkerPreliminary report on the cottage at Orchilmore, Moulin, Perthshire / Vernacular Newsletter, 41978B/01.3
1531Ref - 6908Bruce WalkerNotes on cottages with cross passages in Invertain, Ross-Shire / Vernacular Newsletter, 41978B/01.3
1532Ref - 6908Bruce WalkerReport on 2 New Street, Shandwick, Ross-Shire / Vernacular Newsletter, 41978B/01.3
1533Ref - 6908Bruce WalkerReport on the canvas & plaster canopy chimney near Balchladdich, Stoer / Vernacular Newsletter, 41978B/06.2
1534Ref - 6262L F J WalrondAn early jointed cruck building at South Bradon, Langport Rural District / Proceedings Somerset Archaeol. & Natural History Society, 1141970B/05.2
1535Ref - 5880Erhard M WinklerStone preservation : the earth scientist's view / APT Bulletion : The Association for Preservation Technology, X No21978B/10.0
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