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1407Ref - 6908Tom Burnett-StuartModern harling for 18th century buildings : do we want it? / Scottish Vernacular Building Group Newsletter, 41978B/04.6
1408Ref - 5560Centre of East Anglian StudiesRecording techniques 2 : the organisation of a county survey / Historic Farm Buildings Group, Newsletter 41987B/23
1414Ref - 5880Anthony CrosbyA preservation monitoring system at Tumacacori National Monument / APT Bulletiin : The Association for Preservation Technology, X No21978B/10.0
1419Ref - 5050Antony DaleThe development of the town of Brighton / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961E/15
1422Ref - 5050Peter EdenWorth : church of St. Nicholas / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1427Ref - 6925A FentonThatch & thatching / Building Construction in Scotland : Some Historical& Regional Aspects, Scottish Vernacular Buildings Working Group1976B/05.0
1430Ref - 3667J M FletcherRadiocarbon dating of cruck cottages and barns / Transactions of the Newbury District Field Club, XI No.21963B/03.3
1431Ref - 320S S FrereThe Silchester church : the excavation by Sir Ian Richmond in 1961 / Archaeologia1976E/61.0
1432Ref - 5560R GibsonRecording techniques 1 : the work of a local group / Historic Farm Buildings Group Newsletter, N41987B/23
1434Ref - 5050W E GodfreyLewes : the Priory of St. Pancras / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1435Ref - 5050W E GodfreyWilmington Priory / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1436Ref - 5050W E GodfreyNew Shoreham church / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1438Ref - 5050W H GodfreyAlfriston : the church of St. Andrew / Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1440Ref - 5050W E GodfreyOld Shoreham church / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1444Ref - 5050W E GodfreyRye church / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1445Ref - 5050Rupert GunnisWithyham : church of St. Michael and All Angels / The Archaeological Journal, 1161961B/26
1447Ref - 6953L J HallTimber staircases in Northavon houses to the mid 18th century / Bristol & Avon Archaeology, I1982B/06.5
1448Ref - 6262R de Z HallA preliminary catalogue of cruck roofed buildings in Somerset / Proceedings Somerset Archaeol. & Natural History Society, 1141970B/05.2
1449Ref - 6262R de Z Hall, C AustinA cruck roofed house in North Cadbury, Somerset / Proceedings Somerset Archaeol. & Natural History Society, 1141970B/05.2
1455Ref - 3229Peter KidsonAnglo-Saxon and Norman architecture in Hampshire / The Archaeological Journal, 1231967B/01
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