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17820Ref - 14408N W AlcockThe distribution and dating of crucks and base crucks / Vernacular Architecture, 332002B/05.2
17821Ref - 14408David M BrownDendrochronologically dated buildings from Ireland / Vernacular Architecture, 332002B/03.31
1782214515Bridget Ann HenischThe medieval calendar year1999E/17.1Henisc
1782314514edited by Nancy Y WuAd quadratum : the practical application of geometry in medieval architecture2002B/05Wu, N
1782414516Tom WilliamsonShaping medieval landscapes2003E/15Englan
1782514518Edward Roberts et alHampshire houses 1250-1700 : their dating and development2003B/03.3Robert
1782614517Richard OxleySurvey and repair of traditional buildings : a sustainable approach2003B/10Oxley,
17829Ref - 12494Matthew SlocombeCasework / SPAB News, 20, No. 41999B/09
17830Ref - 12494Paul CrosbyNorthern casework / SPAB News, 20, No. 41999B/09
17831Ref - 12494Oliver Leigh-WoodYew Tree House, Earl Stonham / SPAB News, 20, No. 41999B/10
17832Ref - 12494Richard OxleyIs timber treatment always necessary? An introduction for home owners / SPAB News, 20, No. 41999B/04.2
17833Ref - 11940Matthew SlocombeCasework / SPAB News, 20, No. 21999B/09
17834Ref - 11940James InnerdaleNorthern casework / SPAB News, 20, No. 21999B/09
17835Ref - 11940Ptolemy DeanRecent repairs at Gloucester Blackfriars : a discussion / SPAB News, 20 No. 21999B/09
17836Ref - 11940Matthew SlocombeThe rescue of Court Farm, Wookey / SPAB News, 20, No. 21999B/10
17837Ref - 11940Richard OxleyMistaken protection / SPAB News, 20, No. 21999B/09
17838Ref - 13002Matthew SlocombeCasework / SPAB News, 21, No. 22000B/09
17839Ref - 13002James Innerdale and Paul CrosbyNorthern casework / SPAB News, 21, No. 22000B/09
17840Ref - 13002Roger HuntLiving over the shop / SPAB News, 21, No. 22000B/09
17842Ref - 5613John SummersonWhat is the history of construction? / Journal of the Construction History Group, 11985B/05
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