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1218312967S DaniellOld Cornwall : life in the county about a century agoE/66.3Daniel
1218412966Desmond SherryDorset crafts & trades1974E/33Sherry
1218512965William RollinsonLakeland walls1975E/33.92Rollin
1218612978BridportNetmakers to the worldE/33.53Bridpo
1218712977Minister for the ArtsNew directions in the crafts1976E/33Minist
1218812975M G JonesThe story of brushmaking : a Norfolk craft1974E/35.3Jones,
1218912976Eric McKeeClenched lap or clinker1972E/35.3McKee,
1219412971Thomas PlowmanCraft Pottery1976E/33.7Plowma
1219512970Jacqueline FearnThatch and thatching1976B/05.62Fearn,
1219612954Lawrence GarnerDry stone walls1984E/33.92Garner
1219712955Peter SmithurstThe cutlery industry1987E/37Smithu
1219812953D W KelleyCharcoal and charcoal burning1986E/33.18Kelley
1219912952June SwannShoemaking1986E/33.65Swann,
1220012951Jeremy AtkinsonClogs and clogmaking1984E/33.65Atkins
1220112950M K StammersShips' figureheads1983E/35.3Stamme
1220212949Avril LandsdellCanal arts and crafts : in memory of Howard Landsdell1994E/35.2Landsd
1220312948Su GriersonDyeing and dyestuffs1989E/33.51Griers
1220412947Anna Benson and Neil WarburtonLooms and weaving1986E/35.51Benson
1220512956Trevor S JenningsBellfounding1988E/36.1Jennin
1220612980edited by Bruce AlexanderCrafts and craftsmen1974E/33Alexan
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