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11131A F Griffeth, L F SalzmannAn Anglo Saxon cemetery at Alfriston, Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 56 p11914E/61.7
11132A F GriffethAn Anglo Saxon cemetery at Alfriston, Sussex. A supplement / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 57 p1971915E/61.7
11133Ref - 5697Peter Drewett et alThe excavation of a Saxon sunken building at North Marden, West Sussex, 1982 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1241986E/61.7
11134P E LeachExcavations at Alciston / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 125 p911987E/61.8
11135Ref - 7944Lawrence StevensThree lime burning pits, Church Street, Eastbourne / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1281990B/04.6
11136Ref - 7944David Martin et alThree moated sites in north-east Sussex. Part 2 : Hawksden & Bodiam / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1281990E/61.8
11137Ref - 7447David Martin et alThree moated sites in north-east Sussex. Part 1 : Glottenham / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989E/61.8
11138Ref - 7447Robin HolgateThe excavation of a late medieval hall-house at Brook Lane, near Horsham, West Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989E/61.8
11139Ref - 5697K J BartonExcavations at Cuthman's Field, Church Street, Steyning, 1962 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1241986E/61.8
11140Ref - 5697Jane EvansExcavations in Fletcher's Croft, Steyning, 1967-8 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1241986E/61.8
11141Sussex from the air - Whitehawk Camp, Brighton / Sussex County Magazine, 9 p6781930E/61
11142Ref - 667E W HoldenExcavations at Old Erringham, Shoreham, West Sussex. Part I : a Saxon weaving hut / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1141976E/61.7
11143E TurnerMilitary earthworks of The South Downs with an enlarged account : Cissbury / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 3 p1731850E/62.5
11145Ref - 9783J FischerPlace names of Sussex / Sussex Life, 9 N8 p441973E/63
11146Ref - 3059Patricia GillConserving the records of the past / West Sussex Archives Society News, 101978E/64
11147K C LeslieLocal history through documents. Part IV : deposited plans / West Sussex History, N16 p91980E/64
11148K C LeslieLocal history through documents. Part IV : parish registers / West Sussex History, N21 p111982E/64
11149K C LeslieParish registers PtII / West Sussex History, N22 p241982E/64
11150Ref - 3072Kim C LeslieLocal history through documents. Part V : parish registers - continued / West Sussex History, 231982E/64
11151K C LeslieLocal history through documents. Part VI : churchwardens accounts / West Sussex History, N29 p161984E/64
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