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10837B M ChambersSome notes of the Ninfield and Battle tanneries / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N5 p1741927E/33.61
10839C DawsonSussex ironwork and pottery / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 46 p11903E/33.7
10840Sussex craftsmanship 2 : pottery & brick-making / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N9 p3781951E/33.7
10841The East Sussex Guild of Craftworkers / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N3 p1261956E/33.7
10843Ref - 5675C A KellySussex industries : the Old Dicker Pottery / Sussex County Magazine, III : 61929E/33.7
10844M BeswickThe location of the Dicker potteries / Sussex History, N23 p61987E/33.7
10845Glazing drinking mugs at the Brickhurst Pottery, Laughton / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N2 p671956E/33.7
10846W MartinA forgotton industry : pottery at Ringmer / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 45 p1281902E/33.7
10847Collecting Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N1 p471956E/33.7
10848P E M KeefPottery from Didling / Sussex Notes and Queries, 14 N7-8 p1311955E/33.7
10849Ref - 7944F G Aldsworth and A G DownThe production of late and post-medieval pottery in the Graffham area of West Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1281990E/33.7
10850E Wyndham-HulmeOpal glass : boric and lead oxides in early glass / Sussex Notes and Queries, 3 N5 p1751931E/33.8
10851Sussex medieval glass : an aftermath / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N12 p7871935E/33.8
10852E Wyndham-HulmeSussex yeoman family as glassmakers. Reply / Sussex Notes and Queries, 7 N8 p2481939E/33.8
10853Ref - 1729V F M OliverA 17th century brick kiln / Sussex Notes and Queries, XIV : 9 & 101956B/04.3
10854Ref - 1729A W FletcherPrimitive bloomeries at Mayfield / Sussex Notes and Queries, XIV : 9 & 101956E/36.1
10855G M KenyonA Sussex yeoman family as glassmakers / Sussex Notes and Queries, 7 N6 p1711939E/33.8
10856Native walls / Sussex County Magazine, 7 N4 p2301933E/33.9
10857D MacleodForgotten smelting sites in East Sussex / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N7 p2241927E/33
10858Accounts for woodland work 1913 / Petworth Society Bulletin, 24 p271981E/33
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