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10598Horse brasses / Sussex County Magazine, 14 N7 p2321940E/17.7
10599Ref - 7685E W TownsendImplements of a bygone age : The Wilmington Priory Collection / Sussex Life, 10 N6 p401974E/17.7
10600C F TebbuttA c1 corn drying kiln at Uckfield / Sussex Notes and Queries, 17 N1 p251968E/17.7
10601S D SecretanAn old farm implement / Sussex Notes and Queries, 10 N1 p211944E/17.7
10602The East Sussex Agricultural Inst. / Sussex County Magazine, 2 N9 p4111928E/17.8
10603On small farms / Sussex County Magazine, 4 N10 p8361930E/17.9
10604Sussex farms through Yankee spectacles / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N3 p1641938E/17.9
10605Relics of a bygone age on a Sussex farm / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N1 p151956E/17.9
10606Ref - 3436Jim Turrell, Peter Jerrome and Jonathan NewdickWest Burton between the wars / Petworth Society Bulletin, 261981E/17.9
10608Plaistow Place Farm / Petworth Society Bulletin, 35 p211984E/17.9
10610Ref - 3432The Petworth SocietyAn old Petworth farming family / Petworth Society Bulletin, 221980E/17.9
10611Bennyfold Farm - reminisc. / Petworth Society Bulletin, 25 p111981E/17.9
10612A carter in Petworth / Petworth Society Bulletin, 28 p61982E/17.9
10613Limbo Farm, Petworth - 1920's / Petworth Society Bulletin, 32 p91983E/17.9
10614Home Farm at Stag Park in 1930's / Petworth Society Bulletin, 31 p41983E/17.9
10615Petworth House : 10th Earl's equestrian expenses / Petworth Society Bulletin, 22 p261980E/17.95
10616G O WhiteheadThe decline of the forests / Sussex County Magazine, 3 N3 p1631929E/18
10617B PhillipsJ. Norden's judgements on the Weald re-examined / Sussex History, 2 N9 p261985E/18
10618Ref - 3511Sue FarrantMarchant's and Hayleigh Farms in Streat and Westmeston (East Sussex); the development of two farms on Weald clay / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1211983E/19.0
10619W BudgenThe Manor of Broughton in Jevington / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 90 p131952E/19.2
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