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10542P F BrandonAgriculture and the effect of weather at Barnhorne during late middle ages / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 109 p691971E/17.0
10543J L HoskingMeadows and watercourses / West Sussex History, 13 p81979E/17.0
10544A H Collins, L FlemingBecketts Barn Pagham Rectory / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 96 p1351958E/17.0
10545Prehistoric cultivations - Sussex from the air / Sussex County Magazine, 4 N12 p10531930E/17.1
10546Sussex farming in Tudor & Stuart times / Sussex County Magazine, 1 N8 p5061938E/17.1
10547H Barty-KingVineyards of Sussex / Sussex History, 1 N5 p91978E/17.1
10548The eighteenth century in a downland village - Kingston, nr Lewes / Sussex County Magazine, 26 N10 p4761952E/17.1
10549A Bepton farmer's goods : inventory 1577 / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N2 p1201927E/17.1
10550Ref - 1726G H KenyonLivestock in Icklesham, 1798 and comparative livestock figures for Sussex and Essex, 1798 and 1801 / Sussex Notes and Queries, 14 N31954E/17.3
10551Ref - 420Ben DarbyGolden corn ousts golden hoof / Sussex Life, 1 No51965E/17.37
10552The Sussex heave gate / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N11 p2381942E/17.30
10553Tapsel : his gate / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N11 p4971950E/17.30
10554An unusual stile / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N4 p2001954E/17.30
10555E W HoldenAutumn killing / West Sussex History, 36 p101987E/17.30
10556An unusual gate at Lodge Wood, Isfield / Sussex County Magazine, 25 N10 p4851951E/17.30
10557A brief history of Sussex cattle / Sussex County Magazine, 2 N4 p2581928E/17.32
10559Cow-minding / Petworth Society Bulletin, 19 p41980E/17.32
10560Ref - 5647A RossTending sheep by hook or by crook / Sussex Yesterdays, 31980E/17.33
10561Ref - 5675J C Bristow-NobleShepherdesses I have known / Sussex County Magazine, III : 91929E/17.33
10562B WillsSome small things of Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 3 N8 p5311929E/17.33
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