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1039Ref - 3808John Allan, Christopher Henderson and Robert HighamSaxon Exeter / Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England1984E/15
1040Ref - 7425A T AllenRoad draining & laying / Harmsworth Self-Educator V31906E/01
1041Ref - 7687J R ArmstrongThe beginning & the end of timber framed buildings in the Weald / Wealden Buildings1990B/01.3
1042Ref - 3808Grenville AstillThe towns of Berkshire / Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England1984E/15
1043Ref - 3808Michael AstonThe towns of Somerset / Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England1984E/15
1044Ref - 7187M W BarleyA glossary of names for rooms in houses of the 16th & 17th centuries / Culture & Environment : Essays in Honour of Sir Cyril Fox1963B/01.0
1045Ref - 7427C Beadle, H P StevensSugar beet growing / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1046Ref - 7424C Beadle, H P StevensCement manufacture / Harmsworth Self-Educator V21906E/01
1047Ref - 7424C Beadle, H P StevensLime & lime burning / Harmsworth Self-Educator V21906E/01
1048Ref - 7427C Beadle, H P StevensBeet sugar manufacture / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1049Ref - 7424C Beadle, H P StevensCement burning & grinding / Harmsworth Self-Educator V21906E/01
1050Ref - 7428C Beadle, H P StevensPaints & polishes / Harmsworth Self-Educator V61907E/01
1051Ref - 7429C Beadle, H P StevensArtificial manures / Harmsworth Self-Educator V71907E/01
1052Ref - 7426C Beadle, H P StevensMills & milling / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
1053Ref - 7424C Beadle, H P StevensBrickmaking / Harmsworth Self-Educator V21906E/01
1054Ref - 2619E Dudley, C Jackson, E G FletcherThe Anglo-Saxon priory church at Deerhurst / Studies in Building History1961B/01.0
1055Ref - 6925J G DunbarThe organisation of the building industry in Scotland in the 17th century / Building Construction in Scotland : Some Historical & Regional Aspects1976B/05.0
1056Ref - 2619G C DunningMedieval chimney pots / Studies in Building History1961B/01.0
1057Ref - 3808Tony Dyson and John SchofieldSaxon London / Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England1984E/15
1058Ref - 15646John FidlerNon-destructive surveying techniques for analysis of historic buildings / Understanding Timber Framed Buildings1990B/05.2
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