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9948R Garraway-RiceAccount of R. Eldridge of Horsham, bellfounder, & the bells of St. Marys / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 31 p811881B/26
9949W H GodfreySussex church plans : St. Mary, Horsham / Sussex Notes and Queries, 6 N7 p2141937B/26
9950St Mary's church, Horsham / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N5 p3021938B/26
9951R TibbleThe church of St John The Baptist, Hove / West Sussex History, N251988B/26
9952W H GodfreyParish church of St Nicholas Itchingfield / Sussex Notes and Queries, 14 N7-8 p1201955B/26
9953Kirdford church / Sussex County Magazine, 8 N11 p6851934B/26
9954Lancing College chapel / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N4 p2511937B/26
9955Ref - 10011W D PeckhamBishop Sherburne and Shulbrede Priory / Sussex Notes and Queries, 3 N11930B/26
9956Ref - 439D HaggardOld Priory of Shulbrede, Lynchmere / Sussex Life, 3 N2 p341967B/26
9957Parish Church, Litlington / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N8 p2371933B/26
9958J Pelham MaitlandMedieval church of St. Mary the Virgin, Littlehampton / Sussex Notes and Queries, 5 N7 p1991935B/26
9959W H GodfreySussex church plans : St. Lawrence, Lurgashall / Sussex Notes and Queries, 6 N3 p861936B/26
9960Lurgashall church / Sussex County Magazine, 13 N11 p7651939B/26
9961Legendary Lyminster / Sussex County Magazine, 22 N4 p1251948B/26
9962Lyminster / Sussex County Magazine, 23 N8 p2571949B/26
9963Ref - 1450Francis W SteerThe rebuilding of Madehurst church / Sussex Archaeological Collections, CX1972B/26
9964St Michael's church, Up Marden / Sussex Notes and Queries, 2 N3 p791928B/26
9965W H GodfreySussex church plans : St. Michaels, Upmarden / Sussex Notes and Queries, 2 N3 p791928B/26
9966Up Marden church / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N5 p3101935B/26
9967W D PeckhamSussex church plans : North Marden / Sussex Notes and Queries, 9 N4 p881942B/26
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