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9534Ref - 560J S LeeSeaford church / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XXXIII1883B/26
9535W D GodfreySeaford church tower / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N4 p1131926B/26
9536Carvings in St.Leonards, Seaford & St.Mary's, Eastbourne / Sussex County Magazine, 2 N12 p5331928B/26
9537South Malling church / Sussex Notes and Queries, 2 N3 p891928B/26
9538W H GodfreyChurch of St. Michael the Archangel, South Malling / Sussex Notes and Queries, 3 N8 p2431931B/26
9539A M SimpsonWall paintings in Southease church / Sussex Notes and Queries, 5 N5 p1571935B/26
9540Southease church / Sussex County Magazine, 17 N9 p2641943B/26
9541Round tower at Southease / Sussex County Magazine, 25 N1 p481951B/26
9542Southease church tower / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N1 p501956B/26
9543Ref - 416Southease church / Sussex Life, 1 N1 p641965B/26
9544A B PackhamOld Palace At West Tarring Architectural History / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 64 p1401922B/26
9545Tarring Neville church / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N7 p4201935B/26
9546Tarring church, Worthing / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N1 p191956B/26
9547Ref - 579Philip Mainwaring JohnstonTortington church and priory : notes on their history and architecture / Sussex Archaeological Collections, LII1909B/26
9548Ref - 586J F GraylingNotes on St. Peter's church, Twineham / Sussex Archaeological Collections, LIX1918B/26
9549Ref - 143A A EvansA countryman's diary : Twineham / Sussex County Magazine, XIV : 101940B/26
9550Discovery at Uckfield church / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N3 p901932B/26
9551Discovery at Uckfield church / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N9 p901932B/26
9552Ref - 1709Sussex Notes and QueriesSir Stephen Glynne's notes on churches (continued from Vol XVI) / Sussex Notes and Queries, XVII : 21968B/26
9553Waldron church & rectory / Sussex County Magazine, 8 N11 p7171934B/26
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