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9383Ref - 620Gordon BathoThe Percies at Petworth 1574-1632 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 951957B/22
9384Petworth - the Old Wooden-Legged House, North St. / Petworth Society Bulletin, 191980B/22
9385Petworth - the Old Bank House / Petworth Society Bulletin, 191980B/22
9386Soanes Farmhouse / Petworth Society Bulletin, 211980B/22
9387Old House in Angel Shades, Petworth / Petworth Society Bulletin, 231981B/22
9388Pound St. / Petworth Society Bulletin, 231981B/22
9389Palfrey Farm House / Petworth Society Bulletin, 33 p291983B/22
9390W D PeckhamOld Place Farmstead Pulborough / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 70 p1201929B/22
9391Ref - 596W D PeckhamOld Place, Pulborough. II : the house / Sussex Archaeological Collections, LXXI1930B/22
9392At Nutbourne / Sussex County Magazine, 18 N3 p761944B/22
9394Ref - 628V W TylerOld Place, Pulborough / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XCIX1961B/22
9395Ref - 7684T Sobey, J PollardOld Place, Pulborough / Sussex Life, 7 N1 p431971B/22
9396Church Cottages, Pyecombe / Sussex County Magazine, 8 N1 p141934B/22
9397S D SecretanRudgewick, Gravatts, Gravetts or Grevetts / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N8 p2431933B/22
9398The Old Mill Cottage, near Bucks Green / Sussex County Magazine, 19 N2 p401945B/22
9399Ref - 136Viscountess WolseleyHistoric houses of Sussex : The Priory, Selham / Sussex County Magazine, X : 101936B/22
9400The Blue Idol Quaker House, Coolham / Sussex County Magazine, 7 N12 p7631933B/22
9401A B PackhamThe Marlipins New Shoreham / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 65 p1571924B/22
9402Pond Cottage, Singleton / Sussex County Magazine, 26 N6 p2781952B/22
9403E G ApedailePinkhurst and Dedisham, Slinfold / Sussex Notes and Queries, 2 N1 p281928B/22
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