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9198F HarrisonOldland Mill and Museum / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N4 p1271930B/24.2
9199Ref - 10016Fredrick HarrisonOldland Mill and Museum, Keymer, Hassocks / Sussex Notes and Queries, III No.71931B/24.2
9200F M TreglownHow Oldland mill worked / Sussex Notes and Queries, 3 N7 p1981931B/24.2
9201Ref - 14663Martin BrunnariusJesse Pumphery, millwright / Sussex Industrial History, 171987B/24.7
9202Nutley windmill / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N5 p3481938B/24.2
9203Ref - 9771Nutley windmill / Sussex Life, 7 N11 p531971B/24.2
9204Patcham windmill / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N9 p5831935B/24.2
9205Old Brighton mills, Patcham / Sussex County Magazine, 13 N1 p701939B/24.2
9206Stone Cross mill, nr Polegate / Sussex County Magazine, 8 N2 p831934B/24.2
9207Willingdon, or Polegate, mill / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N11 p6931937B/24.2
9208Ref - 4310L StevensPreservation Society saves Polegate windmill / Sussex Life, 2 N7 p301966B/24.2
9209Ref - 6872Lawrence StevensTwo early millsteads, Polegate, East Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1261988B/24.2
9210Old Crowborough windmill / Sussex County Magazine, 10 N3 p2221936B/24.2
9211Ref - 436G StevensPreserving a famous windmill / Sussex Life, 3 N1 p221967B/24.2
9212Picture of rebuilt windmill at Rye / Sussex County Magazine, 7 N1 p331933B/24.2
9213Ref - 427Rye windmill / Sussex Life, 2 N4 p371966B/24.2
9214Chailey Windmill (picture) / Sussex County Magazine, 7 N11 p7011933B/24.2
9215Ref - 416Cross-in-Hand windmill / Sussex Life, 1 N1 p581965B/24.2
9216The parish of West Blatchington smock mill / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N9 p5601935B/24.2
9217Ref - 333William F SellensWest Blatchington windmill / Sussex County Magazine, IX N101935B/24.2
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