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8128J D U WardNeglected trees / Countryman, 52 N2 p3671955E/18
8129J D U WardTact among the trees / Countryman, 53 N3 p4911958E/18
8130Ref - 6662Mary WardPatterned practicality : the inventive variety of bargeboards / Traditional Homes, November1988B/05.60
8131M WardUnited colours / Traditional Homes, Sept p161989B/04.3
8132O Ward, W HarrisCharfield block tile and brickworks - part two / British Brick Society Information, N26 p51982B/04.3
8133O Ward, W HarrisCharfield block tile & brickworks - part three / British Brick Society Information, N27 p31982B/04.3
8134B Ward-PerkinsRefacing or Defacing ? / Popular Archaeology, March p401983B/10.0
8136K & R WarwickBarton on Humber / Current Archaeology, N78 p2091981E/61.7
8137S WassArchaeology under the floor / Traditional Homes, Jan p871988E/61.8
8138S WassA class of their own / Traditional Homes, Mar p151991B/21.5
8139Ref - 9504E A WassonThe third Earl Spencer and agriculture, 1818-45 / The Agricultural History Review, 26 Part II1978E/51
8140Ref - 923D D WatersClay-lump houses / Countryman, XLVIII No.11953B/04.5
8141Ref - 6851Andrew WatkinsCattle grazing in the Forest of Arden in the later middle ages / The Agricultural History Review, 37 Part I1989E/17.1
8143I WatkinsThe Newmill Souterrain / Current Archaeology, N66 p2051979E/61.5
8144Ref - 6770R C WatsonParlours with external entrances / Vernacular Architecture, 61975B/01.3
8145K WattBows and bays / Traditional Homes, Jan p101987B/06.3
8146C WebsterThe grim walls of Newgate / SPAB News, 4 N4 p621983B/21.5
8147H WeirPreservation in action / The Newsletter for Building Preservation Trusts1992B/09.0
8148Ref - 9509R B WeirDistilling and agriculture 1870-1939 / The Agricultural History Review, 32 Part I1984E/17.0
8155A WernerAn 18th century London japanning garret / Tools & Trades, 4 p851987E/07.8
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