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8139Ref - 9504E A WassonThe third Earl Spencer and agriculture, 1818-45 / The Agricultural History Review, 26 Part II1978E/51
8140Ref - 923D D WatersClay-lump houses / Countryman, XLVIII No.11953B/04.5
8141Ref - 6851Andrew WatkinsCattle grazing in the Forest of Arden in the later middle ages / The Agricultural History Review, 37 Part I1989E/17.1
8143I WatkinsThe Newmill Souterrain / Current Archaeology, N66 p2051979E/61.5
8144Ref - 6770R C WatsonParlours with external entrances / Vernacular Architecture, 61975B/01.3
8145K WattBows and bays / Traditional Homes, Jan p101987B/06.3
8146C WebsterThe grim walls of Newgate / SPAB News, 4 N4 p621983B/25.1
8147H WeirPreservation in action / The Newsletter for Building Preservation Trusts1992B/09.0
8148Ref - 9509R B WeirDistilling and agriculture 1870-1939 / The Agricultural History Review, 32 Part I1984E/17.0
8155A WernerAn 18th century London japanning garret / Tools & Trades, 4 p851987E/07.8
8156A R WernerObservations on the English goat / The Ark, 4 N3 p81977E/17.5
8157P R WestGriffiths of Norwich & other planemakers of that city / Tools & Trades, 6 p571990B/05.8
8158P R WestA list of prices settled by the trade of planemakers / Tools & Trades, 6 p891990B/05.8
8159Ref - 5221S E WestThe Anglo Saxon village of West Stow :an interim report of the excavations 1965-8 / Medieval Archaeology, XIII1969E/61.7
8160Ref - 15579Robert WestonPaper trace : investigating the development of wallpaper manufacturing / Traditional Homes, November Vol1 No.21984B/07.4
8161Ref - 9477Edith H WethamLivestock prices in Britain, 1851-93 / The Agricultural History Review, XI Part I1963E/66.0
8162Ref - 5654Edith H WethamThe Agriculture Act, 1920 and its repeal - the "Great Betrayal" / The Agricultural History Review, 22 Part I1974E/23
8163Ref - 9505Edith H WethamThe trade in pedigree livestock 1850-1910 / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part I1979E/17.32
8164Ref - 9483P T WheelerLandownership and the crofting system in Sutherland since 1800 / The Agricultural History Review, XIV Part I1966E/17
8165Ref - 9480E H WhethamLand tenure and the commercialization of agriculture / The Agricultural History Review, XII Part II1964E/17.30
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