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8040A TinniswoodThe Priory at Lavenham / Period Home, 4 N3 p111983B/22
8041G TiteDating from Domesday / Traditional Homes, Oct p781986B/03.4
8042Ref - 9475J Z TitowSome differences between manors & their effects on the condition of the peasant in the 13th century / The Agricultural History Review, X Part I1962E/19.2
8045Ref - 7472R M TittensorBeehives of willow basketwork / The Basketmakers' Association Newsletter, 531990E/33.4
8047Ref - 2356Dorothy ToddThe Old Deanery, Salisbury / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 121964B/22
8050S ToulsonReaping the harvest of the past / Countryman, 80 N2 p1681975E/61.5
8051S ToulsonA growing crop of museums / Countryman, 82 N3 p1291977B/09
8052A TownsendRough-cast for historic buildings / SPAB News, 10 N1 p91989B/10.6
8053Ref - 2191Hilary TownsendSilk Hay : the restoration of a medieval merchant's town house in Stalbridge, Dorset / Period Home, 2 N5 p371982B/09
8059P TramperCluttons / Period Home, 3 N2 p221982B/02.3
8060E K TratmanThe Glastonbury Lake Village / Current Archaeology, N27 p1101971E/61.5
8062B TrinderThe Ironbridge Gorge Museum / Local Historian, 9 N6 p2891971E/30
8063Ref - 843Barrie TrinderReligious tracts as sources of local history : some West Midlands examples / Local Historian, 10 N31972E/91
8068Ref - 9500B E S TruemanCorporate estate management : Guy's Hospital agricultural estates, 1726-1815 / The Agricultural History Review, 28 Part I1980E/19.3
8069Ref - 9481C R TubbsThe development of the smallholding and cottage stock-keeping economy of the New Forest / The Agricultural History Review, XIII Part I1965E/19.6
8070J TurnerCotswold roofs / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, N29 p331990B/04.74
8071Ref - 5661Michael TurnerEnclosure commissioners and Buckinghamshire parliamentary enclosure / The Agricultural History Review, 25 Part II1977E/19.6
8074Ref - 6707R C TurnerEarly carpentry in the Rows of Chester / Vernacular Architecture, 191988B/05.2
8075Ref - 7221Dick TuttonBee skeps / The Basketmakers' Association Newsletter, 511989E/33.4
8076I TyersTree-ring dating / Medieval World, N2 p121991B/03.31
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