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8000E ThornleyBuffing and peeling buff / The Basketmakers' Assn Newsletter, N60 p241992E/33.4
8001Ref - 6449Michael ThorntonRenovation : understanding sash windows / Period Homes, July1988B/10.0
8002M ThorntonCurved cover up / Traditional Homes, Dec p1051988B/04.73
8003Ref - 6662Michael ThorntonCover points : lead roof coverings - part 2 / Traditional Homes, November1988B/04.70
8004Ref - 6577Michael ThorntonCover points 1988B/04.76
8005M ThorntonStyled in stone / Traditional Homes, Aug p1041989B/05.4
8006M ThorntonStonewalling / Traditional Homes, Nov p1221989B/10.4
8007M ThorntonPerfectly plain / Traditional Homes, Feb p1001989B/10.3
8008M ThorntonPointing the right way / Traditional Homes, Oct p1201989B/10.6
8009M ThorntonA choice of channels / Traditional Homes, Jun p1361989B/05.60
8010M ThorntonLessons on slates / Traditional Homes, May p981989B/04.74
8011M ThorntonRock of ages / Traditional Homes, Sept p981989B/04.4
8012Ref - 6762Michael ThorntonLessons on slates / Traditional Homes, March1989B/04.74
8013M ThorntonPerfectly plain / Traditional Homes, Jan p1221989B/04.73
8014M ThorntonLessons on slates. Part 2 / Traditional Homes, Apr p1441989B/04.74
8015M ThorntonStonewalling / Traditional Homes, Dec p981989B/10.4
8016Ref - 7166Michael ThorntonYorkshire accents : the vernacular buildings of the moors and dales / Traditional Homes, December1989B/01.3
8017M ThorntonA rich mixture / Traditional Homes, Sept p331989B/01.3
8018M ThorntonKeeping the character / Traditional Homes, Aug p871990B/10.0
8019M ThorntonAppropriately dressed / Traditional Homes, Jan p831990B/10.6
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