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8109Ref - 10494Clive WainwrightThe Victorian interior / Period Home, 3 N51983B/06.0
8110B WaitesMemoranda Rolls as a source of medieval history / Amateur Historian, 5 N8 p2421963E/55.2
8111Ref - 7867P Wakeham-DawsonThe Southdown sheep / The Ark, XV N81988E/17.33
8112A WalbankDoorheads / Countryman, 54 N4 p6931957B/06.3
8113A WalkerIn partnership with the past / Traditional Homes, Apr p651989E/33.27
8114I C WalkerMcDougalls clay pipe factory Glasgow / Industrial Archaeology, 6 p1321969E/30
8116Ref - 10073Philip WalkerThe tools of the Mary Rose / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 21983E/61.8
8118Ref - 13784James Robertson and Philip WalkerA temporarily forgotten art? / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 91985E/33.23
8119G WalkingWicker World / Traditional Homes, Jan p721986B/07.8
8120Ref - 15600Gillian WalklingFurnishing the hall / Traditional Homes, February : 3 : 51987E/33.28
8122J WalmsleyProvision for non able-bodied poor in the 18th & early 19th centuries : evidence from 3 Bedfordshire parishes / Local Historian, 20 N1 p91990E/27.4
8124T WalterEarly Bath : the decline of the Georgian terrace / Period Home, 7 N1 p131986B/22
8127Ref - 788Gordon WardHorse shoes / Amateur Historian, 3 : 3 : Spring1957E/33.32
8128Ref - 912J D U WardNeglected trees / Countryman, LII : 21955E/18
8129J D U WardTact among the trees / Countryman, 53 N3 p4911958E/18
8130Ref - 6662Mary WardPatterned practicality : the inventive variety of bargeboards / Traditional Homes, November1988B/05.60
8131M WardUnited colours / Traditional Homes, Sept p161989B/04.3
8132O Ward, W HarrisCharfield block tile and brickworks - part two / British Brick Society Information, N26 p51982B/04.3
8133O Ward, W HarrisCharfield block tile & brickworks - part three / British Brick Society Information, N27 p31982B/04.3
8134B Ward-PerkinsRefacing or defacing ? / Popular Archaeology, March p401983B/10.0
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