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7936D TappRenovation case history No.77 : purified brimstone / Traditional Homes, Mar p211991B/22
7937J TarnArchaeology & the factory / Local Historian, 9 N4 p1831970E/30
7938J E TateParish records & the English village community / Amateur Historian, 6 N4 p1101964E/55.2
7940T Tatton-BrownCanterbury / Current Archaeology, N62 p781978E/61.0
7941T Tatton-BrownUse of quarr stone London, East Kent / Medieval Archaeology, 26 p2131980B/04.4
7942Ref - 6214Tim Tatton-BrownHampton Court Palace / British Brick Societyiety Information, 391986B/04.3
7943T Tatton-Brown, M Macpherson-GrantAnglo-Saxon Canterbury topography and pottery / Current Archaeology, N98 p891985E/61.7
7944T Tatton-BrownUse of quarr stone London and East Kent / Medieval Archaeology, 24 p2131980B/05.4
7946Ref - 5655David TaylorThe English dairy industry,1860-1930 : the need for a reassessment / The Agricultural History Review, 22 Part II1974E/17.32
7949K TaylorGovernment grants / Historic House, 12 N4 p181988B/09
7951M TaylorTaking the measure of the mill / Countryman, 87 N4 p1351982/83B/24.2
7954W TeallThe restoration of Meheney / Period Home, 5 N10 p191984B/22
7955W TeallThe restoration of Meheney, 2 / Period Home, 5 N12 p401984B/22
7956C ThackerUnnatural practices / Traditional Homes, Sep p951986B/08.3
7957Ref - 5777Rebecca ThatcherGunpowder Valley / Countryman, 87 : 21982E/37
7960Ref - 9459Joan ThirskThe Isle of Axholme before Vermuyden / The Agricultural History Review, I1953E/17.0
7967J ThirskSources of information on population 1500-1760 pt2 / Amateur Historian, 4 N5 p1831959E/64
7968J ThirskSources of Information : population 1500-1760 pt1 / Amateur Historian, 4 N4 p1291959E/64
7974Ref - 813Joan ThirskThe beginning of the village / Amateur Historian, 6 N51964E/15
7977Ref - 5651Joan ThirskSeventeenth-century agriculture and social change / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Supplement1970E/17.1
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