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814Ref - 7423E A BryantIdeas for builders & engineers / Harmsworth Self-Educator V11906E/01
815Ref - 7427H J ButlerCarriage trimming / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
816Ref - 7426H J ButlerVehicle body making / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
817Ref - 7426H J ButlerFittings for vehicle bodies / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
818Ref - 7426H J ButlerThe vehicle drawing office / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
819Ref - 7426H J ButlerVehicle metal work / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
820Ref - 7426H J ButlerVehicle under-carriages / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
821Ref - 7426H J ButlerPainting vehicles / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
822Ref - 7425H J ButlerDesign of vehicles / Harmsworth Self-Educator V31906E/01
823Ref - 5026Caroline Cartwright and Sue HamiltonCeramic studies in Sussex / Professional Archaeology in Sussex : the Next 5 Years1985E/61.0
824Ref - 5026Caroline CartwrightEnvironmental studies I : wood, charcoal and seeds / Professional Archaeology in Sussex : the Next 5 Years1985E/61.0
825Ref - 7613E ChappellA study of horseshoes in the Department of Archaeology, Williamsburg / Colonial Williamsburg Occasional Papers in Archaeology V1 : Five Artifact Studies1973E/61.8
826Ref - 15646F W B CharlesRepair of timber-framed buildings : the architectural background since William Morris / Understanding Timber Framed Buildings1990B/05.2
827Ref - 15Charles E ClaytonCottage architecture / Memorials of old Sussex1909B/22
829Ref - 2619H M ColvinHaunt Hill House, Weldon / Studies in Building History1961B/01.0
830Ref - 15646Glyn CoppackThe archaeological recording and analysis of timber-framed buildings / Understanding Timber Framed Buildings1990B/05.2
831Ref - 7687K Coutin, M HoltBarns of the High Weald / Wealden Buildings1990B/01.3
832Ref - 7687K CoutinThe Wealden house / Wealden Buildings1990B/01.3
833Ref - 15J Charles CoxThe forests of Sussex / Memorials of old Sussex1909E/18
834Ref - 2809D W CrossleyMedieval iron smelting / Medieval Industry1981E/65.4
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