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7625Ref - 9513T RoothTrade agreements and the evolution of British agricultural policy in the 1930s / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part II1985E/23
7626C RoseLondon's Charity Schools, 1690-1730 / History Today, 40 p171990E/25.5
7627T RosomanField furniture / Traditional Homes, Feb p381985B/07.8
7628T RosomanAntique reflections / Traditional Homes, May p661986E/71.6
7629Ref - 15592Mike RossageCoping with cornices / Traditional Homes, 2 : 7 : April1986B/07.3
7630Ref - 9495John RosselliAn Indian Governor in the Norfolk marshland : Lord William Bentinck as improver, 1809-27 / The Agricultural History Review, 19 Part I1971E/65.6
7631Ref - 5820Anthony P RossiContrasts and parallels : two conservation case studies : Greenhill and Thorpe Hall / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 321988B/09
7632A RouboThe carpenter's tap / Historic Trades, 1 p591988B/05.8
7633Ref - 522E Clive RouseThe conservation of English wall paintings / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 71959B/07.4
7634M RowanDown to earth / Countryman, 52 N1 p511950E/61.6
7635M RowanThe dig / Countryman, 42 N2 p3571950E/61.6
7636D J RoweThe Victoria tunnel / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p401970E/30
7637Ref - 9496D J RoweThe Culleys, Northumberland farmers, 1767-1813 / The Agricultural History Review, 19 Part II1971E/51
7638Ref - 9459John RoweA Cornish farmer in Ontario 1830-71 / The Agricultural History Review, I1953E/17.0
7639G RubensArt With Craft / Traditional Homes, May p781986B/10.0
7640G RudeThe study of 18th century popular movements / Amateur Historian, 4 N6 p2351959/60E/23
7643Ref - 2368Joyce RushenBee boles and a "Kingdom of Bees" / Period Home, 3 N1 p51982B/06.9
7644J RushenAmazing space! / Period Home, 5 N4 p381984B/08.1
7645J RushenThe romantic moon-gate / Period Home, 5 N6 p231984B/08.3
7646Ref - 11461Joyce RushenFountains of delight / Period Homes, 6 N91985B/08.9
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