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7808Ref - 7166Andrew SimRenovation case history No.63 : Swan's song : the repair of a 500-year-old house in Harwich / Traditional Homes, December1989B/10.0
7809A SimDomesticating the dovecote / Traditional Homes, Apr p151990B/23
7810A SimRestoration case history Awards / Traditional Homes, Aug p221990B/10.0
7811A SimLimestone country / Traditional Homes, Aug p151990B/04.4
7812Ref - 7244Andrew SimThe Folly Fellowship : a society dedicated to pointless buildings! / Traditional Homes, March1990B/08.5
7813A SimRenovation case history No.66 : providing a new use / Traditional Homes, Mar p201990B/21.4
7814A SimRenovation case history No.67 : kept alive / Traditional Homes, Apr p211990B/22
7815A SimFeudal & far between / Traditional Homes, Sep p891990B/01.3
7816A SimPattern book restoration / Traditional Homes, Mar p281990B/22
7817Ref - 7256Andrew SimRenovation case history No.65 : restored to life / Traditional Homes, February1990B/09
7818Ref - 7461Andrew SimRenovation case history No.68 : back from the dead : a dilapidated house turned cottage hospital was restored to its Jacobean elegance / Traditional Homes, 6 No.8 May1990B/22
7819A SimHome assortment / Traditional Homes, Jun p331990B/01.3
7820A SimRenovation case history No.64 : an example to us all / Traditional Homes, Jan p221990B/22
7821A SimRenovation case history No.71 : model restoration / Traditional Homes, Sep p161990B/22
7822A SimRenovation case history No.69 : hidden treasures / Traditional Homes, Jun p201990B/22
7823A SimReworking the Old Smithy / Traditional Homes, Jan p231991B/25.1
7824Ref - 7749Andrew SimRenovation case history no.78 : little wonder 1991B/22
7825P SimonsRepairs to floor structures and plasterwork / SPAB News, 1 N4 p621980B/10.2
7826Ref - 9468Alan SimpsonThe East Anglian foldcourse : some queries / The Agricultural History Review, VI Part II1958E/15
7827D A SimpsonSearching Patents for Historical Information / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, N17 p81987E/63
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