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7556D & J Randall'Improbable Survival' / Traditional Homes, Oct p1361987B/23
7557Randall, D & JAll is Safely Gathered in / Traditional Homes, Oct p1381988B/24.2
7558Ref - 6662Dick and Jean RandallCurrent trends : aquatic features / Traditional Homes, November1988B/07.7
7559D & J RandallHouse keepers : the English gatehouse / Traditional Homes, May p161989B/22
7560Ref - 7256Dick and Jean RandallWithin these walls / Traditional Homes, February1990B/08.3
7561D & J RandallVane glory / Traditional Homes, Feb p801991B/07.9
7562D & J RandallAlfresco architecture / Traditional Homes, Mar p821991B/08.4
7563D & J RandallChanges of face / Traditional Homes, Oct p731991B/05.2
7564Randall, R & JAll is Safely Gathered in / Traditional Homes, Sep p1221988B/23
7565Ref - 7552Dick and Jean RandallStacks of fun : chimneys peform their practical purpose in a variety of fantastic disguises / Traditional Homes, 6 : 2 : Nov1989B/06.2
7566R & J RandallDiamonds & dragons / Traditional Homes, Aug p951990B/05.2
7567J RavensdaleEast Anglian Vernacular Houses / Period Home, 5 N7 p521984B/01.3
7568J Rayner, D BurnStrutt & Parker / Period Home, 3 N4 p331983E/02.3
7570M G ReederBricks and the Frog Question in Suffolk Part 1-3 / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p631980B/04.3
7571M G ReederThe size of a brick / British Brick Society Information, N29 p11983B/04.3
7572M G ReederSize of a brick. Part Two / British Brick Society Information, N30 p11983B/04.3
7573M G ReederBricks with sunken margins / British Brick Society Information, N32 p171984B/04.3
7574M G ReederK-Mark bricks / British Brick Society Information, N32 p131984B/04.3
7575M G ReederThe quality of brick / British Brick Society Information, N40 p131986B/04.3
7576Reeder, M GSouth Cove Brickworks, Suffolk / British Brick Society Information, N43 p91987B/04.3
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