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7602B RidoutKeep it dry / Traditional Homes, Oct p901985B/10.0
7603B RidoutWhat rot! / Historic House, 12 N1 p281988B/10.0
7604A RidsdaleDo shopping & conservation mix? / English Heritage Mag., N4 p121989E/16.6
7607Ref - 4553S E RigoldStructural aspects of medieval timber bridges / Medieval Archaeology, XIX1975E/35.5
7609P A RobbArtificial stone / Local Historian, 11 N1 p221974B/04.4
7610B RobertsThe study of village plans / Local Historian, 9 N5 p2331971B/02.5
7611Ref - 806Brian K RobertsMoated sites / Amateur Historian, 5 N21962E/61.8
7612B K RobertsMedieval fishponds / Amateur Historian, 7 N4 p111966E/61.8
7614Ref - 9488B K RobertsA study of medieval colonization in the Forest of Arden, Warwickshire / The Agricultural History Review, 16 Part II1968E/65.4
7617Ref - 4552Eileen RobertsTotternhoe stone and flint in Hertfordshire churches / Medieval Archaeology, 181974B/04.4
7618H RobertsTenterden / Period Home, 5 N1 p201984E/15
7619S RobertsPewter's path to the pub / Traditional Homes, Feb p501988E/33.36
7620Ref - 6989Sonia RobertsOut of the oak / Traditional Homes, 5 No.10 : July1989E/33.28
7621R Robertson MackayRecent excavations : Cluniac Priory Thetford / Medieval Archaeology, 1 p961957B/26
7622W & K RodwellRivenhall / Current Archaeology, N36 p141973B/26
7624S RoltSaving more than a view : Stanley Pontlarge / SPAB News, 8 N1 p51987B/01.6
7625Ref - 9513T RoothTrade agreements and the evolution of British agricultural policy in the 1930s / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part II1985E/23
7626C RoseLondon's Charity Schools, 1690-1730 / History Today, 40 p171990E/25.5
7627T RosomanField furniture / Traditional Homes, Feb p381985B/07.8
7628T RosomanAntique reflections / Traditional Homes, May p661986E/71.6
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