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7363T E MorlandThe field gates of England / Countryman, 58 N2 p3711961B/08.3
7364Ref - 920Charles MorrisTracing a Roman road / Countryman, 5LIV : 4 : Winter1957E/35.1
7365Ref - 9412Christopher MorrisThe buildings of King's College, Cambridge / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 301986B/25.3
7366L MorrisClever hands could sow corn1986E/17.37
7367Ref - 5820Richard K MorrisSt. Mary's Hall and the medieval architecture of Coventry / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 321988B/05
7368Morris, R KArchitectural Terracottas at Sutton Place & Hampton Court Palace / British Brick Society Information, N44 p31988B/04.3
7371J R MortonBirth of the British pig / The Ark, 14 N9 p3121987E/17.34
7372Ref - 5662Douglas MossThe economic development of a Middlesex village / The Agricultural History Review, 28 Part II1980E/66.0
7374John MosseTown and Country Planning Acts in operation : the case of Cork St. Frome, Somerset / SPAB News, 8 N1 p41987B/01.6
7375A S MottramKing's Lynn : Archaeological Survey / Amateur Historian, 8 N4 p1391968E/61.8
7378B J MurlessSomerset Brick and Tiles / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p611980B/04.3
7379B J MurlessBridgwater brickmaking tradition / British Brick Society Information, N54 p41991B/05.3
7380Ref - 8190P MurphyWallpapers from 'home' in mid-nineteenth century Australia / The Wallpaper History Society Review1991B/07.4
7381Ref - 9509Paul MuskettThe East Anglian agrarian riots of 1822 / The Agricultural History Review, 32 Part I1984E/17.1
7383A MutchMechanization of the harvest in southwest Lancs 1850-1914 / The Agricultural History Review, 29 p1251981E/36.8
7385Ref - 9507Alistair MutchFarmers' organizations and agricultural depression in Lancashire, 1890-1900 / The Agricultural History Review, 31 Part I1983E/66.6
7386N MuttonEardington Forges and Canal Tunnel / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p541970E/30
7387D MyklebustThe restoration of Akershus Castle, Oslo / Monumentum, 25 N4 p2751982B/10
7388C MynorsConservation in the courts / Context, N26 p241990B/01.6
7390J S NalsonMobility of farm families / The Agricultural History Review, 18 p811970E/66.0
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