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7323Ref - 1262Philip & Patricia MillerThe Georgian dining room : food, furniture and fashion / Period Home, 1 : 21980E/65.6
7324P & P MillerThe story of Georgian Edinburgh, 1 : "Auld Reekie" or "Modern Athens?" / Period Home, 5 N2 p561984E/15
7325Ref - 10498Pat & Phillip MillerThe story of Georgian Edinburgh. Part II : the master builders / Period Home, 5 N3 p421984B/22
7326M MillikenLandmarks of Faith / English Heritage Mag., N5 p181989B/09
7328Ref - 816Dennis MillsEnglish villages in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries : a sociological approach : Part 1 : the concept of a sociological classification / Amateur Historian, 6 N81965E/63
7329D MillsEnglish villages in 18/19th century : a sociological approach pt2 / Amateur Historian, 7 N1 p71966E/63
7330Ref - 852Dennis R MillsThe peasant tradition / Local Historian, 11 N41974E/66.0
7334D MitchellSocial mobility in 19th century Devon / The Agricultural History Review, 7 p1081959E/64
7335G S MitchellNew forms of hop kilns / Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society, 9 N1 p421898E/33.9
7336Ref - 9471J A MollettThe Wheat Act of 1932 : a forerunner of modern farm price support programmes / The Agricultural History Review, VIII Part I1960E/66.0
7338J MoneyGarden Hill / Current Archaeology, N41 p1851974E/61.6
7339Lord MontaguReasoning behind grants / SPAB News, 11 N2 p81990B/01.6
7340D MoodyGemstones in the Dunghill : Scottish Local History Research / Local Historian, N19 p131988B/03.4
7341Ref - 11459Anne MooreIs your roof safe and sound? / Period Home, 6 N71985B/05.62
7342A MooreChecking your cladding / Period Home, 6 N8 p391985B/04.3
7343Ref - 7605R J Moore-ColyerCoastal limekilns in south-west Wales / Folk Life, 28 p191990B/04.6
7345A MorganA Place of One's Own... / English Heritage Mag., N5 p61989B/07.0
7346Ref - 2193F C MorganDomestic architecture of Herefordshire / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 11953B/22
7349Ref - 1239Ruth MorganDendrochronological dating of a Yorkshire timber building / Vernacular Architecture, 81977B/03.31
7362Ruth A MorganTree ring dating reply to D.J. Schove / Medieval Archaeology, 24 p2151980B/03.31
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