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7571M G ReederThe size of a brick / British Brick Society Information, N29 p11983B/04.3
7572M G ReederSize of a brick. Part Two / British Brick Society Information, N30 p11983B/04.3
7573M G ReederBricks with sunken margins / British Brick Society Information, N32 p171984B/04.3
7574M G ReederK-Mark bricks / British Brick Society Information, N32 p131984B/04.3
7575Ref - 6215Michael ReederThe quality of bricks / British Brick Society Information, 401986B/04.3
7576M G ReederSouth Cove Brickworks, Suffolk / British Brick Society Information, N43 p91987B/04.3
7577Ref - 190P T L ReesAids to recording (5) : the East Lancashire railway. II : the Bury to Bacup section / Industrial Archaeology, 6 : 41969E/35.6
7578Ref - 189P T L ReesAids to recording (5) : the East Lancashire railway. I : the Accrington to Stubbins line / Industrial Archaeology, 6 : 31969E/35.6
7579D ReevesKnole : caring for one of England's greatest houses / Period Home, 5 N6 p561984B/22
7580Ref - 800R H ReidTracing Roman roads / Amateur Historian, 4 : 7 : Spring1960E/61.6
7581D F RennEarly brickwork in the Tower of London / British Brick Society Information, N29 p71983B/04.3
7583Ref - 5655Eric Richards"Leviathan of Wealth" : West Midland agriculture, 1800-50 / The Agricultural History Review, 22 Part II1974E/17.0
7586P RichardsTreat with care. Pt 2 / Traditional Homes, Nov p581985B/10.2
7587P RichardsTreat with care. Pt 1 / Traditional Homes, Oct p561985B/10.2
7588P RichardsTreat with care. Pt 3 / Traditional Homes, Dec p661985B/10.2
7589Ref - 187P S RichardsThe Holywell textile mills, Flintshire : a study of the relationship of these North Wales mills to the Welsh flannel industry and the Lancashire cotto\\ / Industrial Archaeology, 6 : 11969E/30
7590R S RichardsThe growth of towns : a study in methodology / Local Historian, 9 N4 p1901970E/63
7591Ref - 9512Stewart RichardsAgricultural science in higher education : problems of identity in Britain's first Chair of Agriculture, Edinburgh 1790-c1831 / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part I1985E/25.7
7592L RichmondRomney Marsh and its churches / SPAB News, 8 N3 p101987B/26
7593L RichmondThe victory of consumer comfort / SPAB News, 9 N4 p61988B/09
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