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7198W A LosRavenscar brick works / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p511980B/04.3
7199W A LosSwilington brick works visit / British Brick Society Information, N28 p61982B/04.3
7200W A LosWalkeringham brickyards / British Brick Society Information, N28 p51982B/04.3
7201W A LosAccounts from archives : East Yorkshire / British Brick Society Information, N31 p211983B/04.3
7202W A LosWalkeringham brick yards / British Brick Society Information, N29 p61983B/04.3
7203W A LosBrickmaking : a seasonal and dual occupation / British Brick Society Information, N40 p41986B/04.3
7204S Losco-BradleyCatholme / Current Archaeology, N59 p3581977E/61.7
7205Ref - 9482Brian LoughbroughAn account of a Yorkshire enclosure Staxton 1803 / The Agricultural History Review, XIII Part II1965E/19.6
7207H J LouwDemarcation disputes between the English carpenters & joiners from the 16th to the 18th century / Construction History, 5 p31989E/66.6
7208D LoveStick-dressers' day / Countryman, 92 N2 p731987E/33.19
7209R G LovegroveCanal capers / Popular Archaeology, June p371980E/35.2
7211Ref - 9412Jeremy LoweSome recent discoveries at Llancaeach-Fawr, a 16th century Glamorgan gentry house / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 301986B/22
7213H LowensteinSea mills / Countryman, 58 N3 p5331961B/24.2
7215A T LucasFlax cloves / Ulster Folklife, 32 p161986E/33.52
7216C LuhrsThe Liverpool & Manchester railway / Popular Archaeology, June p181980E/35.6
7217G LynchGauged brickwork in practice / SPAB News, 10 N2 p131989B/05.3
7218G LynchBricks of distinction / Traditional Homes, Jun p751991B/05.3
7219G LynchGauged brickwork project / British Brick Society Information, N52 p161991B/05.3
7220Ref - 5656Stuart MacdonaldThe progress of the early threshing machine / The Agricultural History Review, 23 Part I1975E/17.7
7223Ref - 9505Stuart MacdonaldThe diffusion of knowledge among Northumberland farmers, 1780-1815 / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part I1979E/17.3
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