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7250Ref - 5663John MartinEnclosure and the inquisitions of 1607 : an examination of Dr Kerridge's article 'The Returns of the Inquisitions of Depopulation' / The Agricultural History Review, 30 Part I1982E/19.6
7252Ref - 9485J M MartinThe Parliamentary enclosure movement and rural society in Warwickshire / The Agricultural History Review, XV Part I1967E/19.6
7253Ref - 9506J M MartinMembers of Parliament and enclosure : a reconsideration / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part II1979E/19.6
7254J M MartinVillage traders & the emergence of the proleteriat in S.E. Warwickshire 1750-1851 / The Agricultural History Review, 32 N11 p171984E/37
7255Ref - 9512J M MartinThe social and economic origins of the Vale of Evesham market gardening industry / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part I1985E/17.4
7256M MartinStraw plaits to make hats / Countryman, 89 N4 p471985E/33.4
7257R MartinBrick slips in Sussex / British Brick Society Information, N52 p101991B/05.3
7259Ref - 9512Mavis MateMedieval agrarian practices : the determining factors? / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part I1985E/17.1
7260Ref - 9491Leslie G MatthewsHarvesting by the Gauls : the forerunner of the combine harvester / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Part I1970E/17.30
7262M MaunderHandle houses / Heritage Outlook, 1 N3 p781981B/21.4
7263Ref - 13903John MayesThe bodgers axe with a history / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 291990E/33.19
7264Ref - 5719N J MayhewMoney and prices in England from Henry II to Edward III / The Agricultural History Review, 35 Part II1987E/66
7266I McCaigOld windows : saving the glass / Traditional Homes, Feb p581988B/07.2
7275Ref - 2368John McCannAntique ironwork : the development of glass and wrought iron windows / Period Home, 3 N1 p131982B/06.3
7276Ref - 10497John McCannDiscovering old water pumps / Period Home, 4 N3 p81983B/08.7
7277J McCannNo. 2, Church Path, Wealdens Ambo, Essex / Historic Buildings in Essex, N1 p111984B/22
7278J McCannThe introduction of the lamb's tongue stop : some new evidence / Historic Buildings in Essex, N2 p21985B/05.2
7279Ref - 11455John McCannThe bread oven / Period Home, 6 N3 p231985B/06.2
7281Ref - 8372John McCannAn historical enquiry into the design and use of dovecotes / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 351991B/23.4
7284T McConnellPloughs and ploughing / Jnl. of the Board of Agric., 10 N3 p2891903E/17.7
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