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7003L HughesWood wisdom. Part 1 / Traditional Homes, Jun p341985B/07.8
7004L HughesWood wisdom. Part 2 / Traditional Homes, Jul p701985B/07.8
7005L HughesThe continuity of crafts / Traditional Homes, Nov p1281987E/33.0
7007P HughesPatching old floorboards / SPAB News, 9 N3 p91988B/10.2
7008P HughesProposed ban on lead paint / SPAB News, 10 N1 p131989B/10.1
7009Ref - 902Rosamond HughesDevon ash-houses / Countryman, XLVI : 21952B/23
7010A HulmeWinn's portable brickmaking machine / British Brick Society Information, N38 p71986B/04.3
7011J HumeGarlogie : industrial experiment for the future / Popular Archaeology, 5 N11 p411984E/30
7012J HumeDonawe iron works / Popular Archaeology, 3 N11 p441984E/36.1
7013Ref - 2834Geoffrey HumphriesThatching : new life comes to an old craft / Countryman, 85 : 31980B/04.72
7015T HunterFinding the finds / Traditional Homes, Dec p1171987B/01.6
7016T HunterWith a little help / Traditional Homes, Mar p1171988B/01.6
7017Ref - 909H G HurrellBuilding a prehistoric home / Countryman, LI No11955B/21
7018Ref - 5221D Gillian Hurst and John G HurstExcavations at the medieval village of Wythemail, Northamptonshire / Medieval Archaeology, XIII1969E/61.8
7019Ref - 5221edited by J G HurstRed-painted and glazed pottery in western Europe from the eighth to the twelfth century / Medieval Archaeology, XIII1969E/33.7
7020J HutchinsonStuart and Georgian churches in Yorkshire / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p451955B/26
7022B HuttonSmaller domestic buildings : a guide to Reading / Amateur Historian, 7 N3 p921966B/22
7023Ref - 4551Barbara HuttonTimber-framed houses in the Vale of York / Medieval Archaeology, XVII1973B/22
7024B HuttonProtected listed buildings / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p71975B/09
7029Ref - 2148Barbara HuttonSome Yorkshire scarf-joints / Vernacular Architecture, 121981B/05.2
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