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6989Ref - 9467George HoustonLabour relations in Scottish agriculture before 1870 / The Agricultural History Review, VI Part I1958E/66.6
6990Ref - 9474George HoustonAgricultural statistics in Scotland before 1866 / The Agricultural History Review, IX Part II1961E/66.0
6992M HowarthCoppice craft / Countryman, 89 N1 p1211984E/18
6994Ref - 11455David HowsonDamp and decay : the enemy within / Period Home, 6 N3 p271985B/10.0
6995Ref - 908Douglas HoysThe farmer in 1800 / Countryman, L N21954E/17.0
6996Ref - 6662Mark HubandInvisible mending / Traditional Homes, November1988B/10.7
6997K Hudson et alAnnual review of literature on industrial archaeology and industrial history / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p4431970E/01
6998T HudsonSawing / Countryman, 79 N1 p1531974B/04.2
6999Ref - 4554P J HugginsThe excavation of an 11th-century Viking hall and 14th-century rooms at Waltham Abbey, Essex, 1969-71 / Medieval Archaeology, XX1976B/26
7000B D HughesAids to recording the Rolle Canal / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p751970E/30
7001Ref - 2956George HughesA report from the Southdown Sheep Society / The Ark, II : 111975E/17.33
7003L HughesWood wisdom. Part 1 / Traditional Homes, Jun p341985B/07.8
7004L HughesWood wisdom. Part 2 / Traditional Homes, Jul p701985B/07.8
7005L HughesThe continuity of crafts / Traditional Homes, Nov p1281987E/33.0
7007P HughesPatching old floorboards / SPAB News, 9 N3 p91988B/10.2
7008P HughesProposed ban on lead paint / SPAB News, 10 N1 p131989B/10.1
7009Ref - 902Rosamond HughesDevon ash-houses / Countryman, XLVI : 21952B/23
7010A HulmeWinn's portable brickmaking machine / British Brick Society Information, N38 p71986B/04.3
7011J HumeGarlogie : industrial experiment for the future / Popular Archaeology, 5 N11 p411984E/30
7012J HumeDonawe iron works / Popular Archaeology, 3 N11 p441984E/36.1
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