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6953Ref - 9489David RodenDemesne farming in the Chiltern Hills / The Agricultural History Review, 17 Part I1969E/19.2
6954W RodwellHadstock / Current Archaeology, N47 p3751975B/26
6955W RodwellWells the cathedral city / Current Archaeology, N73 p381980E/61.7
6956Ref - 5612Hermione HobhouseNinety years of the survey of London / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 311987B/01.0
6957H HobhouseLondon terraces / Traditional Homes, Feb p901987B/21.9
6958R T Hodges-PaulPleasure gardens of 19th century / Amateur Historian, 3 N8 p101958B/08.2
6960Ref - 6708M Patricia HoganClays, 'culturae', and the cultivator's wisdom : management efficiency at fourteenth-century Wistow / The Agricultural History Review, 36 Part II1988E/17.1
6961Ref - 5659B A HoldernessCredit in English rural society before the nineteenth century, with special reference to the period 1650-1720 / The Agricultural History Review, 24 Part II1976E/66.0
6962P HoldsworthSaxon Southampton : a new review / Medieval Archaeology, 20 p261976E/61.7
6963R HolleyAlby lays a hedge / Countryman, 90 N1 p1501985E/33.93
6964Ref - 10444Anne HolmesBreed in action : Exmoors at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies / The Ark, XIII N61986E/17.36
6965E F HolmesSewing thimbles / Tools & Trades, 4 p591987E/33.59
6966A HoltA few words of guidance / Countryman, 88 N4 p771983/84B/26
6967D HoneyborneHarmful interactions between building materials. Part 1 / SPAB News, 2 N3 p371981B/10.0
6968Ref - 524M B HoneybourneThe City of London's historic streets / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 181971E/15
6970Ref - 9475E HopkinsThe re-leasing of the Ellesmere Estates 1637-1642 / The Agricultural History Review, X Part I1962E/19.3
6971D HoppitProperty / Traditional Homes, Nov p141984B/07.0
6972Ref - 6479David HoppitProperty : thatching and thatched properties / Traditional Homes, 1 : 1 : October1984B/04.72
6974D HoppitProperty / Traditional Homes, Apr p141985B/22
6975Ref - 15581David HoppitProperty : oast houses / Traditional Homes, February Vol.1 No.51985B/10.0
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