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6481F DoerflingerImproving the countryside through better canals / Countryman, 79 N1 p201974E/35.2
6483Ref - 9472Gordon DonaldsonSources for Scottish agrarian history before the eighteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, VIII Part II1960E/64
6484Ref - 9467R A DonkinCistercian sheep-farming and wool-sales in the thirteenth century / The Agricutural History Review, VI Part I1958E/17.33
6485I L DonnachieThe class of industrial monuments / Industrial Archaeology, 6 p521969E/30
6487L DopsonOld people as sources of history / Amateur Historian, 3 N4 p1501957E/56
6488J DowerForests and parks / Countryman, 58 N4 p7721961E/18
6489Ref - 1019Michael DowerCo-operative conservation : a pioneer project / Countryman, 80 : 1 Spring1975B/09
6490Ref - 1025C J DowlandStaddle stones at work / Countryman, 81 : 31976B/23
6491R Downey et alThe Roman temple on Hayling Island / Current Archaeology, N62 p831978E/61.6
6492D Doyle-JonesOne man forest / Countryman, 56 N1 p371958E/18
6493P DrabbleStaffordshire unvisited / Countryman, 67 N1 p201966/7E/15
6494Ref - 10248Anthony Drew-EdwardsMedieval mouldings / SPAB News, 5 : 3 : July1984B/06.0
6495G DrowerBuilt by conquerors / Traditional Homes, May p151991B/22
6496M Drummond-BradleyHopetoun House / Period Home, 7 N2 p201986B/22
6497M DruryThe fall and rise of Stonehenge / SPAB News, 6 N4 p81985B/21.1
6498P J DruryLate 13th, 14th century tile factory, Danbury, Essex / Medieval Archaeology, 19 p921975E/61.8
6501Ref - 8011Genevieve le DucWillow processing time / Basketmakers' Association News, N581991E/33.4
6502B F DuckhamInland waterways : some sources for their history / Amateur Historian, 6 N1 p81963E/35.2
6503B F DuckhamEarly application of steam power at Scottish collieries note and query / Industrial Archaeology, 6 p701969E/30
6504D DuckhamRepair of mathematical tiles / SPAB News, 5 N2 p211984B/10.3
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