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6707P GreeneNorton Priory / Current Archaeology, N43 p2461974E/61.8
6708P GreyParish workhouses/poorhouses / Amateur Historian, 10 N2 p701972E/66.0
6709B GreysmithRenovation case history No.43 : a method of conversion / Traditional Homes, Apr p281988B/10.0
6710Ref - 6484Traditional HomesTime travelling : six houses in a terrace, each showing a different period during the last 200 years / Traditional Homes, August : 4 : 111988M/01.1
6711Ref - 15596Keith MillerRenovation case history No.38 : the reformation of Papist Hall : an early brick building / Traditional Homes, November : 4 : 21987B/10.0
6712edited by B GreysmithRenovation case history No.39 : relaunching the old ship / Traditional Homes, Dec p281987B/10.0
6713edited by B GreysmithRenovation case history No.30 : four into one / Traditional Homes, Mar p181987B/10.0
6714Ref - 15598Traditional HomesRenovation case history No.37 : getting it right : a cliff-top farmhouse was saved from dereliction / Traditional Homes, October : 4 : 11987B/10.0
6715edited by B GreysmithRenovation case history No.31 : little house on the green / Traditional Homes, Apr p181987B/10.0
6716edited by B GreysmithDamp : the physical solution / Traditional Homes, Apr p981987B/10.0
6717Ref - 15598Traditional HomesCountry house college : arts, crafts and restoration courses combine with a peaceful atmosphere at West Dean / Traditional Homes, October : 4 : 11987B/22
6718Ref - 15600Traditional HomesRenovation case history No.29 : five year plan : a young couple 1987B/10.0
6719edited by B GreysmithRenovation case history No.42 : lifeline for a longhouse / Traditional Homes, Mar p281988B/10.0
6720edited by B GreysmithRenovation case history No.47 : back from the brick / Traditional Homes, Aug p241988B/10.0
6721edited by B GreysmithConservation Swedish style / Traditional Homes, Jan p471988B/09
6722edited by B GreysmithRenovation case history No.40 : in history / Traditional Homes, Jan p281988B/10.0
6724A R GriffinBell pits and soughs some East Midland examples / Industrial Archaeology, 6 p3921969E/30
6725Ref - 919A H GriffithsHammer and anvil / Countryman, LIV N31957E/33.32
6727Ref - 5719David GriggFarm size in England and Wales, from early Victorian times to the present / The Agricultural History Review, 35 Part II1987E/17.3
6728Ref - 9478D B GriggThe Land Tax Returns / The Agricultural History Review, XI Part II1963E/66.5
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