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6561M ExwoodHiort's patent brick chimneys / British Brick Society Information, N34 p101984B/04.3
6562M ExwoodBelmont, Throwley near Faversham Kent : the mathematical tiles / British Brick Society Information, N36 p41985B/04.3
6563M ExwoodMore on mathematical tiles / British Brick Society Information, N37 p161985B/04.3
6564M ExwoodLascelles' patent / British Brick Society Information, N50 p31990B/04.3
6566B FaggThe Italianate greenhouse / Period Home, 5 N4 p231984B/08.4
6567Ref - 2197Brian R FaggMinster Abbey, Thanet / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 171970B/26
6568M J FareyConservation in provincial towns / Period Home, 5 N1 p181984E/16.6
6571Ref - 11450Michael J Farey and Charles BrookingSpare parts : an introduction into reclamation, museum and study collection / Period Home, 5 N91984B/10.0
6572Ref - 6851D L FarmerTwo Wiltshire manors & their markets / The Agricultural History Review, 37 Part I1989E/17.1
6573A FarnwellWork with oxen / Countryman, 76 N1 p1321971E/17.38
6576Ref - 9504Sue FarrantJohn Ellman of Glynde in Sussex / The Agricultural History Review, 26 Part II1978E/17.33
6578Ref - 11454Reginald A FellowsArchitects of the past. Part 1 : Blomfield / Period Home, 6 : 2 : Feb1985B/01.2
6580Ref - 190A FentonAn early corn drier at Whittingehame Mains, East Lothian / Industrial Archaeology, 6 : 41969E/30
6582Ref - 13888Alan FergusonDowels or pins for drawbored joints / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 131986E/33.27
6585Ref - 3488Sally FestingCliffs, glades and grotto at Merrow Grange / Garden History, 11 No.21983B/08.2
6586C FewinsIn quest of crucks / Countryman, 94 N2 p261990B/05.2
6587J FidlerThe repair of architectural terracotta and faience. Part 1 / SPAB News, 4 N4 p511983B/10.6
6589J FidlerRepairing terracotta. Part 2 / SPAB News, 5 N1 p31984B/10.3
6590Ref - 15580John FidlerBirds and buildings / Traditional Homes, December Vol.1 No.31984B/10.0
6592Ref - 6480John FidlerCharming the spirits / Traditional Homes, January Vol.1 No.41985E/71.6
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