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6529Ref - 5778Robert EllenderYesterday's woodlands / Countryman, 88 : 31983E/33.1
6532Ref - 5653Stuart ElliottThe open-field system of an urban community : Stamford in the nineteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 20 Part II1972E/17.30
6533Ref - 5653B A Holderness'Open' and 'Close' parishes in England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries / The Agricultural History Review, 20 Part II1972E/66.0
6534Ref - 10494Brent ElliottVictorian greenhouses and conservatories / Period Home, 3 N51983B/08.4
6535B ElliottCrystal pavilions / Traditional Homes, Jan p81986B/10.2
6538Ref - 11453George P ElphickConserving the bells of England / Period Home, 5 No.121984B/07.1
6539H J Elwes, W J MaldenCross-bred sheep / Journal of The Royal Agricultural Society, 6 N2 p2211895E/17.33
6540J EnglemannSudbury : a town with a past but no future / Local Historian1968E/15
6541B EnglishPatterns of estate management in East Yorkshire 1840-1880 / The Agricultural History Review, 32 p291984E/19.3
6542B English, J SavilleStrict settlement : a guide for historians / The Agricultural History Review, 32 p1041984E/15
6543J EnglishThe Old House of Rochford / Period Home, 5 N8 p181984B/22
6544Ref - 11450Jacqueline EnglishThe Old House of Rochford : part two / Period Home, 5 N91984B/22
6549Ref - 9491E J EvansTithing customs and disputes : the evidence of glebe terriers, 1698-1850 / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Part I1970E/66.6
6550J EvansBuzz words / Traditional Homes, Aug p881989E/17.35
6552Ref - 829Alan EverittUrban growth, 1570-1770 / Local Historian, 8 N41968E/66
6553Ref - 5651Alan EverittNoncomformity in country parishes / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Supplement1970E/17.1
6554A EverittThe primary towns of England / Local Historian, 11 N5 p2631975E/15
6557Ref - 9508Alan EverittPast and present in the Victorian countryside / The Agricultural History Review, 31 Part II1983E/16.4
6558M ExwoodThe brick tax and large brick / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p841981B/04.3
6560M ExwoodMathematical tiles : a Georgian masquerade / Period Home, 3 N6 p281983B/04.3
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