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6457Ref - 15975Roger DaviesAn instrument maker's anvil / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 41984E/33.27
6458Ref - 9499Wendy DaviesUnciae : land measurement in the Liber Landavensis / The Agricultural History Review, 21 Part II1973E/64
6459Ref - 18760Robert DawnThe Bass Museum of Brewing / Industrial Archaeology, 12 N21977E/30
6461J DayAre you a stripper? / The Basketmakers' Assn Newsletter, N49 p91989E/33.4
6462J De HavilandCrowborough brickworks / Great Bush Telegraph, N41982B/04.3
6463B De SeysselThe art of scything / Countryman, 79 N3 p1551974E/17.7
6464J DealCob & earth walls / Historic House, 12 N1 p201988B/04.5
6466Ref - 7605J G DelaneyBrickmaking in Gillen / Folk Life, 28 p511990B/04.3
6468Ref - 10505James DenleyIn lieu1986B/06.4
6470S DewarThe oldest roads in Britain / Countryman, 59 N3 p5471962E/35.1
6471S DewarDown the Roman well / Countryman, 67 N2 p3581966/7E/61.6
6472Ref - 9506P E DeweyGovernment provision of farm labour in England and Wales, 1914-18 / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part II1979E/66.6
6474R S DilleyThe customary acre, an indeterminate measure / The Agricultural History Review, 23 p1731975E/19.6
6475R DixonDown on the Catalan Farm / Traditional Homes, Feb p661986B/10.0
6476Ref - 5719Philip DoddThe agricultural statistics for 1854 : an assessment of their value / The Agricultural History Review, 35 Part II1987E/17.1
6479Ref - 188Charles DodsworthFurther observations on the Bowling ironworks / Industrial Archaeology, 6 : 21969E/30
6480I C DodsworthRecent uses of horse plateways in West Yorkshire / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p1311970E/30
6481F DoerflingerImproving the countryside through better canals / Countryman, 79 N1 p201974E/35.2
6483Ref - 9472Gordon DonaldsonSources for Scottish agrarian history before the eighteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, VIII Part II1960E/64
6484Ref - 9467R A DonkinCistercian sheep-farming and wool-sales in the thirteenth century / The Agricutural History Review, VI Part I1958E/17.33
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