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6106D BosomworthA future with the past / Traditional Homes, Aug p841990B/10.7
6107D BosomworthTimeless tables / Traditional Homes, Jun p1131990B/07.8
6108Ref - 73D BosomworthHot metal / Traditional Homes, Jan1991E/33.30
6109D BosomworthThe English inglenook / Traditional Homes, Oct p651991B/06.2
6110P BoughtonFour ages of d1991B/07.8
6111S Bourne, S Stuart16th century furniture in the Castle Dairy, Kendal / Regional Furniture, 5 p511991B/07.8
6112J BoutwoodBeam end repairs / SPAB News, 3 N3 p291982B/10.2
6113Ref - 15580James BoutwoodTimber treatment / Traditional Homes, 1 : 3 : December1984B/10.2
6114J BoutwoodVicarage barn / Traditional Homes, Feb p761985B/21.0
6115J BoutwoodProud plasterwork / Traditional Homes, Jul p101986B/07.3
6116J BoutwoodRepair to timber frames / Historic House, 12 N1 p161988B/10.2
6117J BoutwoodA room with a view / Traditional Homes, Apr p1591989B/07.4
6118Ref - 7956James BoutwoodUneven settlement / Old-House Journal, April/May1991B/10.0
6119Ref - 8038James BoutwoodCarved with pride : house inscriptions / Old-House Journal, 4 : October1991B/03.2
6121P J BowdenWool trade in Tudor and Stuart England / The Agricultural History Review, 11 p1171963E/33.50
6124Ref - 9512J K BowersBritish agricultural policy since the second world war / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part I1985E/23
6126Ref - 5719G G S BowieWatermeadows in Wessex : a re-evaluation for the period 1640-1850 / The Agricultural History Review, 35 Part II1987E/17.37
6128Ref - 7730G G S BowieNorthern wolds & Wessex downlands : contrasts in sheep husbandry and farming practice, 1770-1850 / The Agricultural History Review, 38 Part II1990E/17.33
6129J BowlesFragile & intangible things / SPAB News, 9 N2 p61988B/09
6130B BowleyWallpaper conservation : a case study / SPAB News, 8 N3 p161987B/10.9
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