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6071Ref - 9490Jean BirrellPeasant craftsmen in the medieval forest / The Agricultural History Review, 17 Part II1969E/17.1
6072V BisslandLittle houses of Fife / Countryman, 88 N3 p331983B/22
6073C BjornThe study of agrarian history of Denmark : a brief introduction to the literature / The Agricultural History Review, 22 p501974E/01
6074D BlackThomas Wolstenholme and his house in Gilygate / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p371969B/22
6075D BlackThe rebuilding of Ouse Bridge / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p181976B/25.1
6077Ref - 5656Janet BlackmanThe cattle trade and agrarian change on the eve of the railway age / The Agricultural History Review, 23 Part I1975E/16.4
6081J BlakerCharacter & comfort / Traditional Homes, Mar p431989B/10.0
6082Ref - 5653Ian BlanchardThe miner and the agricultural community in late medieval England / The Agricultural History Review, 20 Part II1972E/30
6084I BlanchardRejoinder : Stannator Fabulosus / The Agricultural History Review, 22 N1 p621974E/17.3
6085K BlickTools tried & tested / Traditional Homes, Oct p1061988B/05.8
6091C H BlowersBrickmaking at Great and Little Cornard, Suffolk / British Brick Society Information, N43 p41987B/04.3
6092R BlytheThe filming of "Akenfield" / Countryman, 78 N2 p1131973E/76
6093A BoalRailway architecture / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p251981B/25.1
6094Board of AgricultureThe seasoning of timber / Jnl. of the Board of Agric., 10 N2 p2421903B/04.2
6097Ref - 10505Frances Anne BondThis indenture / Period Homes, 7 : February1986B/03.4
6099S BondThe Weston Heritage : Sutton Place / Period Home, 5 N5 p171984B/22
6102Ref - 1023Janet BordHoly wells / Countryman, 81 : 11976B/08.7
6103Ref - 15580Dorothy BosomworthWhat is a chiffonier? / Traditional Homes, December Vol.1 No.31984E/33.28
6104D BosomworthThe fireplace / Traditional Homes, Feb p501985B/06.2
6105D BosomworthSleeping quarters / Traditional Homes, Jan p461985B/07.8
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