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5977Ref - 10508Clive AsletMonkton House / Period Homes, 7 N51986B/22
5979Ref - 843P J AtkinsMoated medieval sites / Local Historian, 10 N31972E/61.8
5981J AyresOilcloths : floor coverings Part 2 / Traditional Homes, Jul p541985B/07.5
5982J AyresSimple carpets for smaller interiors : floor coverings Part 3 / Traditional Homes, Jul p761985B/07.5
5983Ref - 10246Leonard BaartPembridge bell tower / SPAB News, 4 N41983B/26
5984J J BaggeleyInventories as a source of local history : textile & other industries / Amateur Historian, 4 N6 p2271959/60E/33.5
5987J M BaileyDecorated 14th century tiles at Northill church Beds / Medieval Archaeology, 19 p2091975B/07.1
5989Ref - 7555Mark BaileySand into gold : the evolution of the foldcourse system in west Suffolk, 1200-1600 / The Agricultural History Review, 38 Part I1990E/17.1
5991J W BainbridgeA C19 copper working Tomnadashan Lochtayside / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p601970E/30
5992K D BairdChristian/pre-Christian monumental stones in early Britain / Amateur Historian, 4 N4 p1401959E/62.9
5993Ref - 9490Alan R H BakerSome terminological problems in studies of British field systems / The Agricultural History Review, 17 Part II1969E/17.1
5994Ref - 803Alan R H BakerLocal history in early estate maps / Amateur Historian, 5 N31962E/14
5995Ref - 9483Alan R H BakerField systems in the Vale of Holmesdale / The Agricultural History Review, XIV Part I1966E/17.3
5998Ref - 5719ny C M A Baker and C ManwellThe Breton breed of cattle in Britain : extinction versus fitness / The Agricultural History Review, 35 Part II1987E/17.32
5999Ref - 9492Dennis BakerThe marketing of corn in the first half of the eighteenth century : North-East Kent / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Part II1970E/66.0
6000E BakerThe whetstone / TATHS Newsletter, N5 p161984E/33.27
6001S BakerA sheltered existence / Traditional Homes, Mar p941987E/17.4
6003Ref - 804J N BannisterA history in stone, metal and glass : a voyage of discovery in a parish church / Amateur Historian, 5 N41962B/26
6012F BatemanResearch developments in American agricultural history since 1960 : the northern econ / The Agricultural History Review, 31 p1321983E/17.0
6013Ref - 9410Mavis BateyThe conservation and restoration of historic gardens / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 281984B/08.1
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