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51133458edited by B TaylorPicture Reference 4 Costume1967E/74Taylor
51143456edited by B TaylorPicture Reference Tudors1967E/66Taylor
51153459edited by B TaylorPicture Reference 10 Saxons, Vikings & Normans1968E/66.0Taylor
51163461edited by B TaylorPicture Reference 13 Georgians1969E/66.0Taylor
51173460edited by B TaylorPicture Reference 12 Early Stuarts 1603-16601969E/66.0Taylor
51183463edited by B TaylorPicture Reference 16 Later Stuarts 1661-17141970E/66.0Taylor
51193462edited by B TaylorPicture Reference 15 Homes1970B/21.0Taylor
5120151Christopher TaylorFields in the English landscape1975E/61.0Taylor
51213333Christopher TaylorVillage and farmstead : a history of rural settlement in England1983E/66.3Taylor
51223777Christopher TaylorThe archaeology of gardens1983B/08.1Taylor
51233908J C TaylorGuide to Rochester castle & keep1951B/27Taylor
51244017M TaylorWood in archaeology1981E/61.0Taylor
51256915N TaylorThe village in the city1973E/16.7Taylor
51267975V J TaylorThe construction of period country furniture1978E/33.28Taylor
5128158N TempleFarnham : buildings & people1963B/21.0Temple
51295099N TempleJohn Nash & the village picturesque1979B/29Temple
51304812Terwick PCCThe church in the fieldB/26Terwic
51317734edited by Christopher Thacker and Francesca GreenoakHistoric garden tools1990E/17.7Thacke
513213853Thakeham & Warminghurst PCCThe parish church of Thakeham with Warminghurst, West SussexB/26Thakeh
51332323Thames Bank (Blackfriars) Iron CoCatalogue (Heating, Domestic & Sanitary Engineers & Ironfounders)WCPThames
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