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4987303edited by Francis W SteerFarm and cottage inventories of mid-Essex 1635-17491969B/02.1Steer,
49882979edited by F W SteerThe Mitford archives : a catalogue1961E/64Steer,
49893937edited by Francis W SteerThe Manor of Littlehampton with Toddington, 1633 (part 1)1961E/15Sussex
49903097edited by F W SteerSussex maps V21962E/64Steer,
4991759edited by F W SteerThe memoirs of James Spershott1962E/56Spersh
49922985edited by F W SteerThe Lavington Estate archives catalogue1964E/64Steer,
49935270edited by F W SteerThe letters of John Hawkins & Samuel & Daniel Lysons 1812-18301966E/61.6Steer,
49952943edited by F W SteerThe Mitford archives V2 : a catalogue1970E/64Steer,
49962984edited by F W SteerArundel Castle archives V2 : a catalogue1972E/64Steer,
49972972edited by F W SteerArundel Castle archives V3 : a catalogue1976E/64Steer,
49982973edited by F W SteerArundel Castle archives V4 : a catalogue1980E/64Steer,
49996581G Stell, D OmandThe Caithness croft1976B/22Stell,
50016716G P Stell, M HarmanBuildings of St. Kilda1988B/21.1Stell,
50025973F M StentonAnglo-Saxon England1971E/65.3Stento
50035416L StepanekTrebiz Narodopisne Muzeum1975M/0Stepan
50043703Henry StephensThe book of the farm. Volume I1855E/17.30Stephe
50053704H StephensThe book of the farm V21855E/17.30Stephe
50064654edited by T StephensonRomantic BritainE/11Stephe
500716Stevenage Development CorporationStevenage : the first of the New Towns1958?E/16.7Steven
500813828compiled by Lawrence StevensMichelham Priory excavations 1971-73. Provisional notes for visitors1973B/26Steven
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