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48474781Hugh B SimeonThe mass-clocks on Edburton church1953B/07.1Simeon
48483635Simkin MarshallSelect lessons in physical science1869WCPSimkin
48504489edited by I G SimmonsYorkshire Dales : National Park Guide N91971E/11Simmon
48517765edited by I G SimmonsYorkshire Dales : National Park guide N91971E/16.5Simmon
48523701edited by F M SimpsonBuilding construction V1B/05.70Simpso
48533850F S W SimpsonThe parish churches of Shoreham Sussex1958B/26Shoreh
48544803F S W SimpsonThe parish churches of ShorehamB/26Simpso
48554881J S Sinclair and W I CroomeThe story of Cirencester parish churchB/26Sincla
48563528Singleton & East Dean PCCSingleton and East Dean guide?E/15Sussex
48574805Singleton & East Dean PCCSingleton and East Dean guideE/15Sussex
485815560Singleton & East Dean PCCSingleton & East Dean guideB/26Single
48604793R A SissonThe parish church of St.Mary Magdalene Lyminster1950B/26Sisson
486130Osbert Sitwell and Margaret BartonBrighton1935E/15Sussex
48622715S SitwellBritish architects & craftsmen : a survey of taste, design & style during three centuries 1600-18301945B/01.2Sitwel
48664232Skeet & Jeffes LtdSkeet & Jeffes Ltd Woking : wholesale ironmongers and builders' merchants : catalogue no.19501950WCP B/01.7Skeet
48674214Skeet & Jeffes LtdBrook Motors : industrial & fractional horse power types1953WCPSkeet
48684216Skeet & Jeffes LtdSupplementary catalogue1955WCPSkeet
48695861J SleightOn the parish : a study of 19th century Steyning poor law1978E/66.2Sleigh
48707535E SloaneA reverence for wood1965B/04.2Sloane
48715421E SloaneAn age of barns1967B/23Sloane
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