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884972N CooperBurmington Manor, Warwickshire : the thirteenth-century building / RCHM Annual Review 1985-851985B/01.3Cooper
891202E Course and W R MyersCommunications / A Survey of Southampton & its Region1964E/35.0Course
906172Leicester City Council Planning DepartmentLeicester's architectural heritage1975B/20East M
9218414Torald FaegreThe tipi / Tents : Architecture of the Nomads1979B/05.1Faegre
935993J M FletcherRadiocarbon dating & medieval timbers / VAG occasional Paper N2B/03.32Fletch
946171D J Foot, C D Litton, W G SimpsonThe high roofs of the east end of Lincoln Cathedral / Medieval Art & Architecture in Lincoln: British Archaeological Association1986B/05.2Foot,
954658W L GoodmanThe 'pit'-saw, medieval to the 18th century / The History of Woodworking Tools1964B/04.2Goodma
966143Walter Horn and Ernest BornThe domesday of St Paul's Cathedral, London : a portrait of manorial architecture in twelfth century England / Saints, Scholars & Heroes1979B/01Horn,
995551J G HurstThe medieval peasant house / The Fourth Viking Congress1965B/22Hurst,
1005852Barbara HuttonAisles to outshots / Archaeological Papers from York presented to M.W. Barley1984B/05.2Hutton
1016182M LaithwaiteThe buildings of Burford : a Cotswold town in the 14th-19th century / English Urban Hist1973B/21.9Laithw
1036988Kay CoutinHeaven Farm, Furners Green, Danehill : the farm and farmstead in the 19th century / Danehill Parish Historical Society Magazine, 3 N11986B/23Coutin
1045034Robert CowanThe case for demolition control / Town & Country Planning, 52 N3 March1983B/09Cowan,
1058014R CrayfordMathematical tiles / ASCHB Newsletter, N631985B/04.3Crayfo
1064987R CrayfordPlain tiled roofs : guide to post great fire & early 18th century practice / ASCHB Trans, 21977B/05.62Crayfo
1074619Edward Croft-MurrayLambert Barnard : an English early Renaissance painter / The Archaeological Journal, CXIII1957B/07.4Croft-
1085048 Edward Croft-MurrayLambert Barnard : an English early Renaissance painter / Archaeological Journal, 1131957B/07.4Croft-
1095163Anthony CronkOasts in Kent and East Sussex Part II / Archaeologia Cantiana, 951979B/23.5Cronk,
1105162Anthony CronkOasts in Kent and East Sussex Part I / Archaeologia Cantiana, 941978B/23.5Cronk,
1116256John CrookThe Pilgrims' Hall, Winchester / Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society, 381982B/05Crook,
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