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47333393R J WichardArchaeological & historical surveys of 33 High Street,Stroud (a medieval hall)1982B/21.0Wichar
47342604D WielandBauen und Bewahren auf dem LandeB/21.0Wielan
47351660Jane A WightBrick building in England from the middle ages to 15501972B/04.3Wight,
4736180Jane A WightBrick building in England from the middle ages to 15501972B/04.3Wight,
473744J A WightMedieval floor tiles1975B/07.5Wight,
47387100J P WildTextiles in archaeology1988E/33.50Wild,
47394353V Sackville-WestKnoleM/08Nation
47405204R A SalamanDictionary of leather-working tools c1700-1950 and the tools of allied trades1986E/33.6Salama
47414859Salehurst PCCAn old church asks your help : St. Mary the Virgin, Salehurst, E.SussexB/26Salehu
47425972Peter SalwayRoman Britain1987E/65.2Salway
47443690L F SalzmanBuilding in England down to 1540 : a documentary history1967B/02.1Salzma
4745506edited by L F SalzmanThe victoria history of the county of Sussex Volume three1935E/65.0Victor
47461421edited by L F SalzmanThe Victoria history of Sussex Volume four : The Rape of Chichester1953E/65.0Victor
47475024L P SalzmanFletching : a brief history of the parish and a description of the parish church St. Andrew & St.Mary the Virgin1963B/26Salzma
47483699Eva SamankovaArchitektura Ceske Renesance [Renaissance architecture in Czechoslovakia]1961B/20Czech/
47497373Pamela SambrookLaundry bygones1983E/72Sambro
47507372P SambrookLaundry bygones1983E/72Sambro
4751302S SanchaThe castle story1979B/27Sancha
47522988Sheila SanchaThe Luttrell village : country life in the early 14th century1982E/65.4Sancha
47537314Anthony SanctuaryRope, twine and net making1980E/33.53Sanctu
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