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36212037Daily TelegraphMoving old barns into the 1980s 1982B/23.9Daily
36413864K DarbyThatch as a modern building material / Architects Journal, N36 V1841986B/04.72Darby,
3665298K DarbyThatch as a modern building material / Architects Journal, N36 V1841986B/05.62Darby,
3672107N DaveyBuilding materials for the archaeologist : mortars / Archaeol. Society NewsletterB/04.6Davey,
3686000R G DavidThe ice-houses of Cumbria / Trans. Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeol. Society, 811981B/08.8David,
3696034R G DavidAn ice-house experiment / Trans. Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeol. Society, 821982B/08.8David,
37012051Paul DaviesThe farmyard revival / Heritage Outlook, July/August1982B/23.9Davies
37112181BuildingBuilding on site : timber-frame / Building, 5th Aug1983B/05.2Buildi
37312035Marcus Dean et alDecline and fall / Observer Magazine, December1990B/09Dean,
3744833H L L DennyA Kipling shrine / Journal of the Kipling Society, Kipling Society1961B/22Denny,
37712188S DenyerTraditional skills for traditional buildings / National Trust Mag, Spring 19851985B/04.6Denyer
37812042Susan DenyerSmall is beautiful / National Trust Magazine, Autumn1986B/01.3Denyer
37912077Devon Archaeological SocietySanders, Lettaford / Proceedings of Devon Archaeological Society, 301972B/22South
38012076Devon LifeFalconers Salcombe / Devon LifeB/22South
3816032Philip DixonPaddock hole : a Cumberland house with lower -end parlour / The Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society, LXXI1971B/22North
3824631P DrewettThe archepiscopal palace at Croydon / The Archaeological Journal1972B/22Drewet
3836169Norman DrinkwaterThe Old Market Hall, Hereford / Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club Papers1949B/25Drinkw
3847572Norman DrinkwaterThe Old Deanery, Salisbury / The Antiquaries Journal, XLIV Part I1964B/22Wessex
3856368J DunbarSome cruck framed buildings in the Aberfeldy District of Perthshire / Proc. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 901956/57B/22Dunbar
3866373J DunbarPitcastle : a cruck framed house in northern Perthshire / Scottish Studies, 4 Pt11960B/22Dunbar
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