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38461Ref - 24750Brigid FiceThe Old Vicarage, Farnham / DBRG News, June2018B/26
3846224753Maggie BlackVictorian cookery: recipes and history1985E/72.5Black,
3846424754P J HelmExploring Tudor England1981E/65.5Helm,
3846524755Charles Elme FrancatelliA plain cookery book for the working classes2007E/72.5Franca
3846624756The Carlyle's House Memorial TrustCarlyle's house catalogue1995M/08Nation
3846724757Lloyd LangleyOur chapel1991E/92.3Langle
38468Ref - 6632Ashton BoothVictorian rocking horse / Farnham & District Museum Society Newsletter, 6 : 11981E/72.4
3846924758Ian CampbellCarlyle's house, London1979M/08Nation
3847024759Kathy HaslamA history of Geffrye almshousesM/08Haslam
3847124760Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands and Peter GinnVictorian farm : rediscovering forgotten skillls2008E/17.31Goodma
3847224761A N WilsonThe Victorians2007E/66.4Wilson
3847624762Valerie PorterThe Southdown sheep1991E/17.33Porter
3848024764Adrian GrayThe railways of mid-SussexE/35.6Gray,
3848110641Kent Trust for Nature ConservationBough Beech reservoir1984M/08Kent/B
3848210642Kent Trust for Nature ConservationBough Beech Information Centre1984M/08Kent/B
3848314682Keith GulvinFort Amherst : a brief history and guide?B/27Fort A
3848410652The Channel Tunnel Group LimitedEurotunnel Exhibition Centre souvenir guide book1989M/08Kent/E
3848510649Brattle Farm MuseumBrattle Farm Museum?M/08Kent/B
3848610651Chiddingstone CastleAshort guide to Chiddingstone Castle and its collections?M/08Kent/C
38487Ref - 24646Richard PerrenLivestock fairs and markets in north-east Scotland from 1800 to 1900 / Agricultural History Review, 65 : Part II2017E/15
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