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38431Ref - 5940David Longley and Stuart NeedhamEgham : a late bronze age settlement and waterfront / Current Archaeology, VI No.9 : 681979E/61.4
38432Ref - 5932Tim ChampionChalton / Current Archaeology, V No.12 : 591977E/61.7
38433Ref - 16752Daphne JonesAn Oxfordshire watermill / Industrial Past, 7 : 11980B/24.3
3843410703Martin CaroeVann1991M/08Surrey
3843510702Surrey Archaeological SocietySouth Park medieval moated homestead Grayswood nr. Haslemere?M/08Surrey
38437Ref - 13392Christopher ZeunerRoy Armstrong / WDOAM Magazine, 5 : 12 March1994M/06
38438Ref - 13392Weald & Downland MuseumLongport House project launched / WDOAM Magazine, 5 : 12 March1994M/06
38439Ref - 13392Richard HarrisBuildings in the museum's collection / WDOAM Magazine, 5 : 12 March1994M/06
38440Ref - 10701Richard HarrisWhatever happened to 5-7 Holloway Hill, Godalming? / Godalming Museum Friends News, April1994M/06
384418203James More-MolyneuxLoseley Park near Guildford, Surrey : the historic home of the More-Molyneux family1988M/08Surrey
384434137Peter J ReynoldsQueen Elizabeth Country Park : the iron age farm demonstration area1976M/08Hampsh
384448075Alex WymanLet me guide you around the farm (Butser Archaeological Farm Bascomb Copse)1991M/08Hampsh
384462403Peter J ReynoldsIron age farming?E/17.3Reynol
384473606Research Committee on Ancient Agriculture of the British Association for the Advancement of Science and the Council for British ArchaeologyPrehistoric farm at Butser Hill : project for research and education : proposal to establish a working "ancient farm"1970M/01.1Butser
38450Ref - 9366Kent ConservationThe fascination of castles (2) / Kent Conservation, December1983B/27
38452Ref - 24750Peter VarlowAll you ever needed to know about 'an old house'? / DBRG News, June2018B/22
38457Ref - 24750Martin HigginsGraffiti used in 17th century Surrey and witches marks / DBRG News, June2018E/71.6
38458Ref - 24750Martin HigginsReasearch on bread ovens / DBRG News, June2018B/06.2
3845924751Asa BriggsVictorian things1988E/66.4Briggs
3846024752 Helena WojtczakWomen of Victorian Sussex : their status, occupations and dealings with the law 1830 - 18702003E/66.4Wojtcz
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