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3815924667Whitbread & Co LtdReceipts and relishes: being a vade mecum for the epicure in the British isles1950E/72.5Darwin
38161Ref - 24668Sue PritchardFood, farming and countryside / RSA Journal, 42017-18E/17.0
38162Ref - 912The CountrymanSeventeenth-century gardeners / Countryman, LII : 2 : Winter1955E/17.46
38167Ref - 24671Michael HeatonHow medieval is a medieval house? : Whitestaunton Manor, Somerset / Ancient Monuments Society Transactions, 622018B/03.2
3816924673Norman F CantorIn the wake of the plague : the black death and the world it made2001E/65.4Cantor
3817024674Edward H PintoTreen : and other wooden bygones1969E/72.0Pinto,
3817124675C Anne WilsonEating with the Victorians2004E/72.5Wilson
3817224676HG Richardson and GO SaylesThe governance of mediaeval England : from the Conquest to the Magna Carta1963E/65.4Richar
3817324677Peter BrearsFood and cooking in 17th century Britain1985E/72.5Brears
3817424678Dominique CardonNatural dyes : sources, tradition, technology and science2007E/74Cardon
3817524679Penny LadnierColour in Elizabethan dress, Color names throughout the centuresE/74Ladnie
3818024681Peter MossMeals through the ages1958E/72.5Moss,
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