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38224Ref - 20839J Courtney'The stuffed animals will have to go' : Alderman Jacob, William Chalkley and Mr Cottrill / Hampshire Studies, 662011M/01
38225Ref - 518Scott RobertsonChevening House / Archaeologia Cantiana, XVI1886B/22
38226Ref - 518C A MolonyA sculptured legend at St.Laurence church in Thanet / Archaeologia Cantiana, XVI1886E/71.6
3822720434Helen E FitzRandolph and M Doriel HayTimber and underwood industries / The Rural Industries of England & Wales : a survey1977E/33.10FitzRa
38229Ref - 969A.F.Rescuing the past / Countryman, 73 : 11928E/17.7
38236Ref - 140J BowdenThe last charcoal burner / Sussex County Magazine, XIII1939E/33.18
3824110716SussexThe Priest House1990M/08Sussex
3824210712SussexMichelham Priory1992M/08Sussex
382432524SussexMuseum of Country Life and Industry in Victoria's Royal Box at Heathfield ParkM/08Sussex
3824510720SussexThe Long Man of Wilmington and Wilmington Priory and Long ManM/08Sussex
3824610709SussexThe Cinque Ports : the towns of Kent and East Sussex where England's maritime power beganM/08Sussex
3824820851Frank AtkinsonThe horse as a source of rotary power / Newcomen Society Transactions, XXXIII1960-61E/34Atkins
38249Ref - 3066Alison McCannThe 'Peacher' and the press gang : a tale of the smugglers of Storrington / West Sussex History, September : 171980E/66.9
3825018906Gyorgy BalazsDebreceni szarazmalmok A 18-19.szazadban [animal-powered "dry mills" in Debrechen in the 18th-19th centuries] / Kulonnyomat a Haz es Ember, 61990B/24.4Balazs
3825124702Shirley NicholsonA Victorian household1988E/72.0Nichol
3825224703Peter BrearsRyedale recipes1998E/72.5Brears
3825324704Alison SimMasters and servants in tudor England2006E/72.0Sim, A
3825424705Crawford; Bretherick; Calvert; BournFranklin 1786 - 1986 : food and facts1986E/72.5Hundle
3825524706Rien PoortvlietDaily life in Holland in the year 1566 and the story of my ancestor's treasure chest1992E/66.0Poortv
3825724708Peter BrearsFood and cooking in 16th century Britain : history and recipes1985E/72.5Brears
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