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37889Ref - 24565David WigginsTraditional lime mortars and masonry preservation / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/04.6
37890Ref - 24565Gerard LynchHot-mixed lime mortars and traditionally constructed brickwork / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/04.6
37891Ref - 24565Catherine McLoughlinBuilt heritage conservation in Ireland : an increasing interest in earthen mortars / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/04.6
37892Ref - 24565Jessica Hunnisett-Snow and William NapierDecline and revival : community lime-burning and hot-mixing in Romania, Cyprus and Scotland / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/04.6
37893Ref - 24565Dagmar MichoinovaLimewater in the consolidation of historic lime renders and plasters : experience of its preparation and application in the Czech Republic / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/04.6
37894Ref - 24565Michael O'ReillyA stucco exercise in natural cement / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/04.6
37895Ref - 24565Cliff Blundell and Chris WrightThe historic solid-walled building and the energy performance farce / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/04.6
3789824568Aquapol UK LtdRising damp guide : the handling of rising damp in old buildings2017B/10.7Aquapo
3789924569Jeff HopewellPillow, lace and bobbins1999E/74Hopewe
3790024570Maggie BlackFood and cooking in medieval Britain : history and recipes1985E/72.5Black,
379019137Wilfrid L EvershedSlater; plasterer; painter / Specifications for building works1935B/05.0Eversh
3790224571CostumeCostume : the journal of the costume society : no. 452011E/74Costum
37904Ref - 24571Veronica IsaacPresuming too far: Thomas Cromwell's use of textiles in his schemes for social and political success / Costume : the journal of the costume society2011E/74Isaac,
379057877T KellyBricklaying / Practical masonry, bricklaying & plastering1851B/05.3Kelly,
3790624572Christopher DyerHanbury: settlement and society in a woodland landscape1991E/16.4Dyer,
3790724573Alison BaverstockHow to get a job in a museum or art gallery2010M/05Bavers
3790812198C J RichardsonThe concrete construction for building cottages / Picturesque Designs for Mansions, Villas, Lodges etc1870B/04.6Richar
3790924574Stuart PeacheyThe yeoman's food2000E/72.5Peache
3791024575Mandy FyfeDone to a turn : food and feasting in the Tudor period2005E/72.5Fyfe,
3791124576Christopher BrookeThe twelfth century renaissance1969E/65.4Brooke
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